Women’s History Month Spotlight: Alexia P. Hammonds, The Founder of Eat. Sweat. Undress.

Alexia P. Hammonds, the Founder of Eat. Sweat. Undress. She has recently been credited as the first black woman to craft a signature perfume collection in Grasse, France — the historical home for all perfumes. Before the pandemic, she traveled often to France to curate her new hair fragrance collection, but once COVID hit, she was forced to finish its development virtually and via Zoom – which is unprecedented in the fragrance industry where every note and scent counts!

Under her new lifestyle brand, Eat. Sweat. Undress. Alexia is now combining her love for women’s empowerment, fitness, wellness, beauty, and lifestyle under one umbrella, in order to encourage women to feel comfortable in their skin and to confidently seek out what they want in life.

With the release of her new, historic hair fragrances, Alexia is on the cusp of truly breaking barriers in the beauty industry. Hustle and Soul Magazine got an exclusive interview with Alexia.

Tammy Reese: What inspired you to become and entrepreneur?

Alexia P. Hammonds: I have always wanted to work hard building something that fulfilled my dreams from the ground up while creating opportunities for others to reach their goals in a healthy work environment. 

Tammy Reese: Please tell our readers how Eat. Sweet. Undress. came about?

Alexia P. Hammonds: I have a healthy obsession with self edification.

The love of self-edification led me into doing work in fitness as a classically trained Pilates and yoga instructor/teacher trainer, doing fashion and beauty segments for the news, wellness training, and motivating people to be their best selves.

I wanted to create a brand that offers products, services, and information that enhances and empowers lives. I believe Eat. Sweat. Undress. is doing that.

Tammy Reese: What feedback do you receive from those who use your hair fragrance collection regularly?

Alexia P. Hammonds: The most surprising feedback I received, in the beginning, was from men and my fragrance Koko Ni! It was not intended to be marketed as a unisex fragrance but it is. Men love spraying it on their beards!

Women tell me all the time that their significant others can’t get enough of my perfumed Hair Mist! Women that workout love spraying it after they workout as it refreshes their hair. I love hearing how women wear certain scents of mine depending on their mood or where they’re going.

Tammy Reese: What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

Alexia P. Hammonds: I love that the products and services I offer, and the community I am creating, truly empowering women to live a healthy, sexy, and unapologetic life. I enjoy seeing women step into their true power.

Tammy Reese: When you think of women empowerment, what comes to mind?

Alexia P. Hammonds: Two words come to mind. Authentic support. It’s so important that women lift each other up and support each other.

The world sometimes tries to make women compete with each other for various reasons but if we, as a whole, understood the power we have working together, the world would shake! Women control more than some of us know. 

Tammy Reese: How are you celebrating Women’s History Month?

Alexia P. Hammonds: I am celebrating Women’s History Month by spotlighting women on my platform that are inspiring and who I feel will inspire our audience at Eat. Sweat. Undress. It’s important that I share information to elevate other women in certain areas.

Tammy Reese: How has the business been for you during the pandemic?

Alexia P. Hammonds: I have been very blessed as the online beauty product industry has skyrocketed 600%. We are growing in sales and reach monthly. Online shopping has increased and industry research tells us that 69% of new online shoppers will continue doing so.

Tammy Reese: What have been some awesome experiences for you during your visits to France?

Alexia P. Hammonds: The French culture is very sexy and beautiful to me. Some of my favorite memories are dining at Le Cinq at George V and watching a show at The Crazy Horse in Paris, watching my friend play basketball in Nice, the farmers market, lavender fields, and vineyards in Provence, getting lingerie custom made for me in Marseille, and creating fragrances in Grasse.

Tammy Reese: What else can we be on the lookout for?

Alexia P. Hammonds: Eat. Sweat. Undress. will be diving into online and very safe in-person events to connect with more women. These events will be posh, informative, fun, and elevated experiences. The subject matter for these events will be in line with our brand.

Tammy Reese: What advice would you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Alexia P. Hammonds: EXECUTE. People love to chat about what they plan to do on social media but very few follow through. You can vision board all day but at some point, you must ACT.

It’s ok to be afraid to fail but you have to start and keep going as you’re afraid. Use your resources. Know your numbers. Know what others in your industry are doing.

The most important thing I can tell you is to figure out your unique differentiator. Figure out what makes your product or service different.

Tammy Reese: What else would you like our readers to know about ESU?

Alexia P. Hammonds: As the first black woman to create fragrances in Grasse, France — the historic birthplace of perfume — it is my goal to be a leader in the perfumed Hair Mist lane.

With less than 75 brands available, my product is the only small and black-owned business. I have the opportunity to lead and I need the support of my community to get me there.

I don’t just want my community’s support just because I’m black. I want your support because my product is the best on the market (and the ONLY on the market with 2 luxury hair care benefits).

We have to show up for each other. We have so much buying power. I want you to know that I need your support to make history in the fragrance space. I’d love the opportunity to earn your business and for you to support my dream.

For more information please visit https://eatsweatundress.com.

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