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At FAVR Lifestyle Magazine™️ you will experience Good News, Inspiration, and Worship. FAVR Lifestyle Magazine is best known for being a lifestyle community for Believers. The faith-based magazine is founded by entrepreneur, talk show host, producer, actress, and publisher, Pamela S. Lowery who we are spotlighting today for the inspirational mark she has made in the media industry.

Pamela S. Lowery is best known as the Founder and CEO of FAVR Lifestyle Magazine, and the host of The FAVR Show, recognized as one of the industry leaders in faith-based media platforms throughout the United States. Lowery, an avid entrepreneur, began her publishing endeavors in Columbus, Ohio, after a chance conversation in a beauty salon that eventually gave her the idea for her first publication, Favor Magazine. Distributed throughout the Midwest, The publication was highly acclaimed as Ohio’s leading multicultural publication, distributed at the renowned Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and The National Underground Railroad Museum. Lowery received many accolades and awards, including the recipient of the Huntington National bank Increase CDC Entrepreneur of the Year in Media and Entertainment.

Lowery stepped away from the publishing industry many years later, deciding to pursue other ventures, including being a host on Front Runner, a network show, and a Bounce TV affiliate in Columbus, Ohio. However, after a divine encounter in Dallas, Texas, Lowery was led back to publishing and faith-based media production, relaunching her brand to FAVR Lifestyle, and she has excelled immensely.
Lowery was the first to attend and graduate college in her family. Receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from Franklin University and Central Michigan awarded her a Master’s in Administration. She is a member of various organizations and a true lover of the community, media, and the arts. Her hobbies include cooking, writing, volunteering, and spending time with close family and friends.

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