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Women Who Inspire: Dr. Nina Anderson

Women Who Inspire: Dr. Nina Anderson

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Dr. Nina Anderson is an International Speaker, Classically Trained Violinist, Health Educator, and owner of Tova Community Health. Dr. Anderson is a nurse practitioner with a doctorate in nursing. Her platform services primary patients who suffer from Sickle Cell Anemia which primarily affects the African American Community.  Understanding the health disparities in the African American Community, Dr. Anderson wanted to address the most dismissed disease; Sickle Cell Armenia.

Dr. Anderson knows the intensity of pain and the overprescribing of pain medicine given to the sickle cell community so she makes it her mission to also educate and treat her patience on Holistic Medicine and Music Therapy to help with pain management and reduced the overuse of opioids prescriptions. Dr. Anderson stays close and connected to her patients especially during this Covid 19 pandemic through Telemedicine Video calls, FB Tova Tuesday live feeds and videos, and Direct Q and A messages.

Dr. Anderson also teaches at Delaware State University and has recently prior to Covid 19 traveled to South Korea to educate their country on the health disparities in the African American community and Sickle Cell Anemia in the United States.  

Hustle and Soul Magazine got an exclusive interview with Dr. Nina Anderson.

National Sickle Cell Day and Juneteenth run hand in hand. From your perspective, why is it important for the Black community to be informed about Sickle Cell?

Dr. Nina Anderson: In the Black community, our legacy is so great, and to have World SCD Day and Juneteenth on June 19th gives us much to celebrate our past history of our ancestors. The Sorghum leaf has been grown in Africa for thousands of years and has natural healing, anti-sickling, and anti-inflammatory properties. Maybe our oldest Sickle Cell Warrior, Egyptian Pharaoh King Tutt was treated with the Sorghum plant.

Please tell us about the upcoming virtual forming you will be hosting?

Dr. Nina Anderson: The virtual symposium event will be held on Saturday, June 19th which World Sickle Cell and Juneteenth at 6:00 pm EST and will be live on Facebook. I also invited two sickle cell warriors who have used the supplement that can personally share how their quality of life has been transformed by the supplement XICKLE. One is a maintenance technician and the other is a nurse – like myself.

How did the partnership with XICKLE come about?

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Dr. Nina Anderson: I was named best a Holistic Medicine Practitioner last year thanks to my Grandmom Lil who transitioned at 98-years of age, taught me aspects of traditional medicine as a Black Seminole Indian. Early on during the pandemic when there was no vaccine or treatments available, I worked diligently with my sickle cell clients on ways to boost their immune system with herbs and vitamins as well as keeping their emotional health balanced during these uncertain times.

I also came across the supplement XICKLE in my research and wanted to educate my clients about alternative therapeutic options that are non-toxic and safe that aimed to improve their overall quality of life. I reached out to the CEO of XICKlE Dr. Coles about the supplement which comes from the Sorghum leaf which Indigenous to Africa. My vision was to work on a collaboration to ensure the sickle cell community worldwide to make them aware of XICKLE, a plant-based supplement to discuss with their hematologist or sickle cell provider.

What other endeavors or projects are you currently involved with?

Dr. Nina Anderson: I launched a virtual show called ‘TOVA Tuesday’s on our TOVA Health TV platform on YouTube last year during the pandemic. I invite on guests that are community leaders, practitioners, and healers to educate my viewing audience on ways to empower them to live their best life and build a sense of community. I am always looking for empowering and inspiring guests to interview who are serving the community.  In turn, I learn so much from them which also helps me be a better practitioner.

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

Dr. Nina Anderson: Making sure my clients get access to comprehensive holistic high-quality care and see them thrive in their community – as parents, grandparents, working professionals, students, and leaders.

How can our readers get in contact with you?

Dr. Nina Anderson: Go to our website at,  Like us on Facebook & Instagram @TOVACommunityHealth. Call Us at 302-429-5870 ext. 120 or Email Us at

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