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Shronda Armstrong wears a multi-faceted jeweled crown. As a momtrepreneur, blogger, and podcast host, Shronda has taken her self-love platform to a wide audience. In 2019, she founded The Geaux Queen brand. What started out as an empowerment tee business, transformed into a full movement. The Q-Chat Podcast evolved as an extension of the brand to offer a platform that encourages, motivates and inspires women and men all over the world.

Her guests have ranged from mental health professionals to entrepreneurs to well-known celebrities. As a sought-after motivational speaker and author, Shronda uses her past experience as a domestic violence survivor as well as her battle with anxiety, PTSD, and depression to inspire others to overcome obstacles, embrace their self-worth and achieve greatness. She shares her story in a poignant, transparent manner, bringing unforgettable energy in all of her guest features. Her motto is: “Geaux Love Ya’Self!”

When you first founded The Geaux Queen brand, what fears did you have to overcome?

Shronda: Well, when I first created The Geaux Queen Brand, I had to step out on faith. I wanted to build my own career on my own terms. I had to really sacrifice, and pull up my sleeves and master a game plan. If you aren’t ready to be uncomfortable, or downgrade, or try something you have never experienced before, are you really ready to chase your dreams? I had to overcome the natural fear and self-doubt that we tend to fear while taking a risk. It hasn’t been easy creating a brand and a new career, especially during a pandemic, but I will never look back. I am proud of what I have accomplished so far.

Fear can be an extension of our insecurities. I go through the regular process of overcoming fear by continuing to believe in myself, practicing self-love and manifesting my dreams. Fear and self-doubt is not always our enemy. These feelings can allow us to shape the narrative and truly embrace manifestation. Everything that I want is already mine, so this helps me to overcome my fears.

In what ways did you conquer those fears and challenges?

Shronda: Honestly, it is a daily process conquering fears and challenges. In this industry, you have to develop thick skin and hold your head in spite of the occasional “No”. You also have to be prepared to accept the word NO. Every career has challenges. Every single day presents a challenge, whether big or small. I have some down periods where I sometimes second guess myself and struggle with self-doubt, however, I try to adapt a positive mindset to reshift my thoughts whenever they occur. We all have a special gift and purpose. In living out our purpose, we have to be bigger than the weight of our purpose in order to rise above the challenges.

Describe the moment you knew you felt victory in your profession and that you were on your divine path in the media industry. 

Shronda: Interviewing my favorite male singer, Raheem DeVaughn was a great accomplishment to me because I simply sent an email and received a positive response. It was a great moment on a personal as well as professional level. The interview brought my show to another level and it was a personal accomplishment to interview someone whose music means so much to me. This moment ties with the opportunity I had to speak in front of an audience of a few hundred educators in my hometown state of Louisiana. As a part of my branding, I am also building my public speaking career. In the summer of 2021, I had the pleasure of spreading my self-love message to a live audience. It was one of the best experiences ever.

What do you love most about the work that you do? 

Shronda: I love creating a platform that focuses primarily on positivity. I have had the pleasure of interviewing some amazing women who have overcome a great deal of challenges and have managed to do great things in spite of! I also love creating, producing and building my own piece of media that spotlights positive images within my culture. I get excited with each and every interview that I am blessed with the opportunity to conduct. With my brand, Geaux Queen, I have been able to spread a motivational self-love message, start The Q-Chat Podcast, create a blog and also birth the Geaux Queen magazine. I simply love building this vision and watching it grow into fruition in order to represent women of color. I love giving a voice to the special women in this world who may not always receive the applause they deserve.

What can we expect for the rest of the year with the Geaux Magazine and The Q Chat Podcast? 

Shronda: Expect to witness growth within the podcast show with phenomenal guests, and interesting as well as inspiring conversations. As I grow The Queen Vision Network, I plan to grow The Q-Chat to present better stories that our community needs to hear and watch. I also produce a podcast entitled, The Corporate Rebel. I want to make the best out of these last few months. I recently had to deal with Covid and I had to delay a bit of my plans to focus on my health. Despite that, I want to remain dedicated to growing my magazine, polishing my show and publishing positive content.

What advice would you have for aspiring media professionals? 

Shronda: My advice to aspiring media professionals is to stay positive and don’t give up! I know it is easier said than done, but being a media professional has a lot of twists and turns. It is important to be yourself, stray away from thinking you have to be like everyone else with a platform and create your own original lane. In addition to that, I would also advise to be proud of your progress at each and every stage. If you are just starting out, you have still built something to be proud of. Lastly, I would say to have confidence in yourself. The only person that can hold you back is the person whose reflection you see in the mirror. Never allow any other individual to make you feel small. You may not receive the support or the applause or the reception that you feel you deserve at times, believe in yourself and keep pushing regardless.

What else would you like our readers to know about you? 

Shronda: I would like readers to know that The Geaux Queen Brand is something that I created to serve a bigger purpose. With this brand, it offers so much. With the brand podcast, The Q-Chat, we discuss mental health, self-love, wellness, entrepreneurship, healing and so much more. The Geaux Queen magazine is an extension of these important topics. It is so important to me to create a positive vessel in such an uncertain time. I would like to personally invite the readers to join the Geaux Queen community and learn what it’s all about. My motto is: “Geaux Love Ya’Self”. I guarantee there is something within the Geaux Queen brand that would remind your readers to love themselves and so much more!

Learn more by visiting www.geauxqueen.com

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