Women Carry Such A Modern Grace & Ancient Power That Must Be Activated

Houston is getting even hotter this July and we have Graced 2 Govern, Kenya Gary to thank for that. She has been mandated to take us higher and unlock the Ancient Power in us women while tapping into a Modern Grace like no other. The builder, the woman of grace, the apostle is bringing the gathering that we all need to Houston, TX this July 15 – July 17. The Modern Grace, Ancient Power Gathering is sure to shift the lives of many women and encourage them to walk in their identity unapologetically. 

When I heard about the gathering, I became stoked! To think of an ancient power that shifts atmospheres is a power I want to possess. Apostle Gary pointed out the importance of being a woman who can redeem time and govern a generation and you can expect that mantle to be released at the gathering. With 3 days of POWER, Impartations, Activation, Elevation, & Demonstration from heavy Kingdom specialists, women from Houston and around will change forever. 

This is not just another conference, it’s a CLARION Call! A Holy Gathering! The Lord is calling ALL WOMEN to assemble together and bring forth the future of his Kingdom! – Kenya Gary

If you’re seeking for different, this gathering is for you. If you’re seeking a breakthrough, this gathering is for you. If you’re seeking a release in power, this gathering is for you. If you’re seeking more grace, this gathering is for you. Get in the building to be a part of a power collision to shift the trajectory of your life and the lives of those connected to you from July 15 – July 17, 2021. You can find out more information about this graceful, power-packed gathering and register here bit.ly/Graced2Govern21

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