What To Do In A World Of The Unknown

Have you heard about the unnerving incidents taking place in Afghanistan? The heartless acts and senseless killing have the world in an uproar and I can assure you no one knows what to do.

Mothers are dying due to the fact they aren’t able to cook dinner for the Taliban. People are trying to evacuate the terrorism by hanging on the outside of planes. Can you imagine the pain and the fear? The life as you have known it just changed and held hostage? The war on women and girls isn’t just something we see in America. And the cringe-worthy effects in America don’t seem to compare to what’s happening in Afghanistan. 

Between 1996 and 2001, the Taliban closed girls’ schools and banned women from working. This time around, it isn’t clear what they are promising. What does an “Afghan inclusive Islamic government” truly look like? What does it entail? Farzana Kochai, a member of the Afghan parliament says she isn’t for sure if there will be a parliament in the new form of government that the Taliban is suggesting. Her concern is also for the future freedoms of women. Would they still be able to work? Would they need to be completely covered and have a male relative escort them in public? These questions plague the hearts and minds of the people. 

These disheartening events got us all shook! And many have their own opinions of what America (The Biden Administration) should and shouldn’t do. At this moment I believe what’s best is for us to stop, take a moment, be sincere, pray, meditate, and not give advice from a place of privilege. Think about how you would want to be spoken to and of in a situation like this. 

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