What It Takes To Produce Club Music With DJ Dizzy

Being a club music producer and DJ means a lot to DJ Dizzy. It takes passion, and a great work ethic, both of which he has. Some of the obstacles he had to face were coming from nothing. He had to create his own support system from scratch. A lot of people have fallback plans, all DJ Dizzy had was just DJ’ing. No job, no vehicle, and just his equipment. 

Growing up as a church boy and teaching himself about all genres of music along with his determination shows that he truly has what it takes to thrive in this industry. DJ Dizzy is on the path to accomplishing all of his dreams. He is a beloved and highly in-demand DJ in multiple cities like Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Dover DE, Baltimore, and DC.

DJ Dizzy has maintained his growing social media presence and pushing towards 20K organic followers. In the future, he aspires to work towards a DJ mentorship program for young black men and women and he sees himself continually being a household DJ name on the East Coast. 

In this article, DJ Dizzy chats with us all about being a club DJ and Music Producer. As well as his latest music releases, and more!

You’re best known for producing club music. Being that you are from Baltimore, what can you tell us about the current state of the Baltimore club scene?

DJ Dizzy: It’s so many moving pieces right now. Our dancers are taking over TikTok and traveling the world teaching Baltimore club dance style. Our producers are publishing and distributing music and collaborating with other club music cities. We have DJs who run monthly events highlighting Baltimore club music. We have annual dance competitions and showcases. Now we are pushing local Baltimore artists to feature on Baltimore club songs. It’s a whole movement. We just want to remain unified and let the world know as club music is taking over the world that it did originate in Baltimore.

We understand that you’re also in the mix with Philly and Jersey club scenes as well. What can you tell us about that?

DJ Dizzy: The Jersey club music scene has really helped pushed club music to a mainstream level all across the globe after K Swift passed away. As of 2022, the Philly club scene has popped back out on TikTok and has been carrying what club music is this year. The issue is that the industry has their eyes on our product and we need all 3 cities unified to make sure the true culture is being spread and not a watered-down version. I just want to help bridge the gap. As of now, I have been working with upcoming Philly and Jersey club artists and collaborating on Baltimore club beats.

What does producing club music mean to you?

DJ Dizzy: It’s a lifestyle. It’s something that doesn’t stop depending on why you started it. This was what I did to stay out of the streets as a young man growing up. I’ve been making music for almost 11 years. But as you grow up you’re supposed to turn your passion/hobby into a stream of income. I’m grateful that there is an opportunity to be involved in the club scene with artists, DJs, and producers.

Congratulations on your growing TikTok platform. How does it feel and what would you like us to know about your triumphs?

DJ Dizzy: Thank you! It wasn’t easy at first but I just realized that the same way other cities have their regional dances and music Baltimore does too. It’s nothing but a recording and a video to give people around the world a taste of what goes on in our city. Baltimore is not just “The Wire”, we have a culture, we have fun here and despite people not knowing the exact timeline, all this club music started in our city.

What is in store for you this year and in the future?

DJ Dizzy: I’m just pushing the culture. Living in a social media and digital age, it’s important to have our music easily accessible to the people that want it. Whether I’m posting mixes, publishing club music, or creating more TikToks I’ll always find ways to upload Baltimore vibes. I’m working on my first official EP release this year. 

Do you have any releases out currently?

DJ Dizzy: Yes, so I have 3 new releases out, ironically 1 per each city.

It’s Baltimore Baby — feat Run It Up Jordan — My first official release with an upcoming Baltimore influencer now artist.

Rock Ya Hips — FlyBoyFu — My first official collaboration with an artist from the Jersey Club Scene.

Bounce — Brock, JMoney, DJ Crazy which was co-produced by myself featuring upcoming Philly artists and the creator of the “Shake Dat Sh*t” movement, DJ Crazy; my mentor.

What makes your productions unique?

DJ Dizzy: Most club producers only have knowledge about their own city’s sound. A lot of people did not take the time to learn other styles of club music from other cities. I really go out of my way to understand and learn how to make Jersey, Philly, AND Baltimore clubs. And I showcase the unity through my music. I try to use sound samples and patterns that are recognizable by everyone, not just a specific city. It is ALL club music to me.

What advice would you have for aspiring Producers?

DJ Dizzy: Find your passion. Find your reasoning to make music. Whether it’s for a job, having fun, or staying out of trouble. Have your reason. Collaborate with others, and do your research. Just be well-rounded if you really want to get something out of this. Club music is global.

DJ Dizzy has been featured on Vocal Media and Our Black Men Magazine.

Connect with DJ Dizzy on Instagram @djdizzy__

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