Wedding Fashion Trends With LaTonya Turnage

Over the weekend we celebrated National Fashion Day. It’s celebrated on July 9th each year. The first-ever Fashion Day was celebrated in 2016, which makes this holiday a relatively recent one on the American cultural calendar. We had the opportunity to speak to a fashion expert who specializes in bridal fashion.

LaTonya Turnage has been a full-time fashion entrepreneur for over 15 years. Her business has evolved from bridal makeup, to a bridal showroom and now, a dream bridal design house. She opened her bridal showroom, Elite Secrets Bridal in 2015, and has aided in the crafting of couples journeys every day since. She believes that the pinnacle of beauty for many brides is the day they say, “I do!” Elite Secrets Bridal has created an entirely new experience for the bride who dares to be different.

Wedding fashion trends are forever changing and that fact can be overwhelming for brides when picking the perfect dress for their big day. Experts like LaTonya make that process easier. We spoke with her about the process as well as her personal fashion style.

How do you differentiate your business from others in the bridal industry?

LaTonya: Our experience sets us apart. We are a full-service bridal salon catering to women of all shapes, sizes, and colors. We offer a one-of-a-kind experience for our brides and their bridal parties. We expanded our services in 2018 to a full-service salon adding wedding gowns, accessories, and alterations. We also received an award from the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore.

Outside of bridal, what past or present fashion trends do you dislike?

LaTonya: I am not a fan of the thick sole chunky sneaker trend. The bulky sneakers are not my favorite.

I’m also not a fan of the mixing prints trends. Not sure if I’m just afraid I can’t pull it off or the whole idea is just not my thing.

The oversized trends are also not my favorite. Oversized jackets, jeans, and or shirts/dresses.

Ok back to all things bridal! Describe the moment when a bride says “YES” to the dress.

LaTonya: It never gets old. It brings joy to my heart to know we were a part of such a special, yet personable time in their lives. I also feel a sense of trust…like WOW they actually believe in us and trust our expertise to match their wedding day.

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