Viz D Global Network: Bringing The “Vizuewl Dramatics” You Want To Digital Media

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it was to find ways to stay at home with as much sanity as possible. This meant adjusting to a new normal for work (for most people) and finding means of entertainment on television and/or social media. After all, not only did movies move to streaming options, but there was also an influx of shows that became available during the pandemic due to the lack of filming of many (if not most) popular television shows.

For Tei Brown, founder and owner of Vizuewl Dramatics, the pandemic made him look at the world of television and media differently. In an exclusive interview, he shared that he got tired of constantly turning on digital or social media platforms and seeing craziness and negative things being reported. From people acting out to inappropriate and abusive behavior that was being made to look “funny” (even when it was clear it was not). He didn’t think it was funny at all and it was difficult to appreciate (especially since it was at the expense of minorities [people of color].

Wanting to have a positive outlet for minorities and understanding the need to share encouraging stories and have shows that depict positive images of people of color, Tei birthed Vizuewl Dramatics (also known as Viz-D).

Viz-D is an entertainment network that was created to be unique, uplifting, and revitalizing for people of color. With shows, news, and entertainment streaming on Roku, this network is made by the people for the people who are incredibility talented and deserve to have a presence and voice no matter where they are in the world. It is also made to shift the narrative of our culture in local communities.

While 2020 had a lot of bad or negative things that took place, there were more good things that should have been reported. There was an abundance of local stories that would have given people strength to deal with the pandemic, mental health, and many other things. 

While he feels people can be passionate and stand up for social, political, and judicial causes, it is upsetting that what is always displayed in media outlets is people of color tearing up local stores in their neighborhood, looting, or theft instead of focusing on those who were doing it “the right way.” Well, Viz-D is doing it the right way. It is a network with meaningful and substantive stories, minority business advertisements, and a platform to showcase independent black films.

For now, it is Roku; however, Tei Brown has bigger dreams for the evolution of Viz-D. That evolution will be a network of its own.

Want to get connected, pitch your show, or advertise on Vizuewl Dramatics? Click HERE.

Dr. Pamela Gurley

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Dr. Pamela Gurley is a Professional Speaker, Media Journalist, and Author. She has been featured in Forbes; on Good Morning Washington, Good Day Atlanta, and others.

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