Visionary Couples In Business Together: Sheldon and Tammi Moore

Sheldon and Tammi Moore are a dynamic duo who, in less than three years, has become a dominant force in a specialty niche in the billion-dollar trucking industry. Tammi is a successful healthcare executive with big pharmaceutical companies and Sheldon was a top car salesman for 20 years before he began his trucking career. Together they have gained a reputation for industry excellence and a nationwide following that has helped their business explode.

After driving 18-wheelers for other companies, Sheldon’s entrepreneurial spirit came calling and he founded Yael Transportation.

Unlike Sheldon, Tammi never considered the transportation field until she received a prophecy from her minister that she would work in transport. Not too long after that prophecy, with help from Sheldon, she founded WJMRTransportation (named for her children).

Tammi Moore

They exemplify success in the cargo/sprinter van and box trucking industry offering a full slate of services including freight delivery, business coaching, training, and dispatching. With God-given vision, razor-sharp focus, and industry insight, they have founded not only one trucking company but several.

Yael Transportation, LLC, their trucking business, WJMR Transportation, and A Truckerpreneur, a coaching and training business teaching clients how to start a trucking company. Since the pandemic, their coaching and counseling have resulted in the launching of more than 500 truckerpreneur businesses.

Sheldon Moore

What do you define as success?

Sheldon: Success to me is when you I living out the greatest expression of Who You Are. Success does not have to always be tied to money and wealth. In fact, the more money you make the more challenges you have to handle. Success could be the very simplistic things of life like taking care of your well-being sowing seeds and being a blessing to others it’s the ultimate level of success to me also being able to live a comfortable life that will allow you to pour into other people to help them transform their life that is the ultimate level success for me.

What was the inspiration behind your brand?

Tammi: When my husband was released from prison and tapped into the transportation industry and learned that he could make a substantial amount of money with a cargo van and a box truck was the greatest form of inspiration to us. Covid was a blessing and a curse. It was a curse because it was a very dark and challenging and scary time across the world. However, Covid was a blessing too because a lot of people lost their jobs and were forced into entrepreneurship and we were blessed to be able to train, mentor, and coach over 2 million people on starting a cargo van or box truck company with no CDL required.

One of the greatest inspirations for me and Sheldon is when we hear a grown man or grown woman say thank you, you guys have changed my life and to hear their voices cracking over the phone it’s a true inspiration, as well as a tearjerker. We are super blessed to have this platform.

Did your business start as a side hustle?

Sheldon: No, unfortunately, we did not start our business as a side hustle. We started this business as a primary form of revenue for our household. Unbeknownst to us, we had no idea what God was about to take us in the transportation industry.

What makes your business unique?

Sheldon: We are unique and extremely niche down because we help people start a transportation company with a cargo van a sprinter van or a box truck and there is no CDL required. The same box truck or cargo van that you can rent from Penske, from Rider, or from Enterprise to move your furniture to go and pick up appliances for your home. It’s the same vehicle that you can purchase and start your own transportation company and make well over six figures in less than a year.

Do you believe in work-life balance? If so how do you maintain it?

Tammi: Absolutely! We are learning to maintain it by understanding our value and our time — time is extremely priceless — you can’t get it back. So, we’re starting to set schedules and stick to the schedule. We are also practicing time management by using calendars and apps and making to-do lists which help us stay on track. Also, we set boundaries by setting limits on our work time and activity time. For example, I’ll turn the phone off for a couple of hours. I limit the number of emails I look at and respond to. I go to restaurants in establishments where I don’t have internet so I’m not going to be interrupted by social media. Also, we focus on how we are trying to incorporate regular exercise because exercising helps to reduce stress anxiety, and depression. It’s important that we get enough sleep and eat healthy food as well.

What’s your best piece of advice for aspiring and new entrepreneurs?

Tammi: The very first piece of advice that I give to anyone who is embarking on any career whether it’s Trucking or Logistics, etc…is to pray about it and seek GOD first. What I know for sure is that all of us have been blessed with gifts and talents. It’s up to us to identify those gifts and talents and to use them for the upbuilding of God’s Kingdom. What I mean by this is, it’s this thing in you that only you can do and Can’t Nobody Do It Like You, and in fact, you do it so well that you could do it for free. Typically that truly is your purpose, that truly is your gift, and if you can find a way to develop it, become a subject matter expert. Niche it down, coach/ train other people in that area, and incorporate integrity. You will become a very successful and wealthy person.

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