Visionary Business Women Spotlight: Dr. Shaneika Goodman (Dr. Goody)

Since a child, Dr. Shaneika Goodman (Dr. Goody) has always known that she wanted to help people in extraordinary ways. Owning and Growing her business, The Credit Doc, LLC has been a joy and extreme success-asset of hers. Her mission with Credit Docs has been to provide next-level financial tools and 7-figure income strategies to her clients and supporters, that lead to passive income, residuals, and overall generational wealth. — Dr. Goody is transforming women into icons and icons into serial entrepreneurs and millionaires!

Dr. Goody informs clients about concepts that fuel financial growth and offers detailed courses that include direct instruction and insight.

She uses her personal experiences coupled with her earned credentials and acquired knowledge to curate a REAL and truly beneficial program. Her work is rooted in mass Community Building and is demonstrated first, by leading by example.

As the owner of The Credit Doc, LLC, what keeps you motivated to help others?

Dr. Goody: What keeps me motivated to help others is the results and education our clients receive as a result of being a part of the Credit Docs family. We’ve transformed credit reports, put clients in the position to become homeowners & business owners. In addition, we’ve taught our clients how to leverage credit once it’s repaired in order to put them in position to create passive income and begin their generational wealth journey; it’s the best feeling ever.

Please tell us about the services you provide and how some of your clients benefited from those services.

Dr. Goody: We provide credit restoration, which puts our clients in the position for lower interest rates, lower monthly payments, and lead to increased amount of approvals for credit applications, loans and lines of credit. Having access to capital allows our clients to invest using the bank’s money or start a business with a good amount of capital. Furthermore, we assist clients in building business credit effectively, which opens the door to large amounts of capital that can be used for investments, financial security, etc. In addition, we provide 4-Week Financial Literacy courses which is a private space where individuals can receive a wealth of information related to financial literacy. We cover topics such as credit repair and building; business credit building; personal and business funding; infinite banking; car rental industry; AirBNB; stock trading; trademarks & LLCs, and so forth. Last but not least, we provide funding services for our clients.

From your experience, what are some misconceptions about Credit Repair and Building?

Dr. Goody: Some misconceptions:

(1) Credit Repair is a quick fix. If someone is guaranteeing a quick fix, they’re most likely doing something illegal. It’s not to say that credit repair cannot happen quickly but it depends on a lot of different factors. It’s just the way the system was designed. If credit repair was so easy, everyone would have good credit. It’s a process for a reason.

(2) When negative items are removed from a credit report, many people tend to think that their scores will automatically increase, especially to a 700 and above. The truth of the matter is, credit scores increase due to positive accounts and good payment history. If someone has a lot of derogatory accounts and they get removed, they have to replace those accounts with positive accounts. Negative accounts removed alone does not guarantee good credit. Revolving accounts (credit cards) are the best type of accounts to have on a credit report because they continue to age.

(3) People think that having a 700 credit score or higher will grant them access to loans, lines of credit, and approvals. However, it’s not about the number, it’s about what’s in the profile. You can have over a 700 credit score and still get denied loans and credit cards. It’s about proper structure and healthy accounts.

What do you think is vital for established and aspiring business owners to know about Business Credit Building and Funding?

Dr. Goody: I would say that having good personal credit is important. While most clients we encounter do not have established business credit, for those with good personal credit, they can still receive business funding, while they are building their business credit. Also, as mentioned earlier, it’s all about structure. Businesses should be structured properly and deemed credible. Once you have the right structure, business funding is easy.

What else would you like our readers to know about you and the amazing work that you do?

Dr. Goody: Outside of my financial literacy business, I also have a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology. Although I do not currently practice after taking a sabbatical, I use my skills everyday when I work with others. These clinical tools have equipped me with the skills to understand, quickly access a problem, and find a solution. I am very much solution-based and focused. When I am not working, I enjoy traveling around the world and learning about new people, places, and cultures. I am also a serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses including Car rental, Amazon automation, AirBNB, Real Estate Investing, and soon, trucking and transportation. Last but not least, I’m super friendly and enjoy helping others with my knowledge.

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