“A man after God’s own heart “

Mali Music is a man aware of his musical gift to the world, and that gift has no boundaries. Born in Arizona and raised in Savannah, GA, the prolific singer-songwriter and producer grew up in a strict, Christian household, with his first memories of music heavily influenced by religion. At only 12-years-old, Mali created and arranged his own material as his church’s minister of music. Despite exhibiting such talent at a young age, Mali faced challenges expanding and adjusting to music beyond traditional gospel, the older he became. “It was hard because my gift was ready, but I wasn’t,” he reflected. As a teenager he worked even harder to share his gift, posting music on his social media and experimenting with different ideas. Mali’s perseverance later resulted in being discovered by people he still holds in high regard today, and intentionally transforming into a professional recording artist. With his album, The Transition, Mali Music demonstrated his evolution as an artist expanding outside of his gospel roots while maintaining his R&B core.a Undeniably, Mali has managed to successfully bridge the gap between the secular and sanctified, a point undeniably made with the success of previous albums In 2015, the singer reached a major landmark in his career receiving GRAMMY nominations for Best Gospel Performance/Song for “Beautiful,” the lead single from Mali Is…, and Urban Contemporary
Album for the album. Beautiful” touched the Billboard charts in the top 10 and pushed Mali into the mainstream. While Mali Music is renowned for his inspirational lyrics and uplifting themes, his projects explore everyday matters in life and love through a fresh sonic lens. The Harmony Samuels-produced “Bow Out,” came in with powerful percussion and strong vocals. Mali notes, “It was the way I was feeling at the time,” getting his emotions across with lines like, “Whoever you want me to be is out there somewhere. Whoever you’re trying to see, you can probably find on Twitter. But I’m yours right now, we’re partners…”

Mali affirms, “I’m like a refresh button. I’m here to bring the power back to the person with the songs. It’s about quality music, and it has to be distinguished, strong, and absolute.” 

You’ll get it after one listen to Mali Is… Carried by his impressive vocal range and dynamic production, the album harkens back to what he fondly refers to as “the times of Stevie Wonder and the age of Aretha Franklin.” 

Mali affirms, “I’m like a refresh button. I’m here to bring the power back to the person with the songs. It’s about quality music, and it has to be distinguished, strong, and absolute.” 

That philosophy defines the album. In order to convey his own cohesive vision, Mali personally wrote every song on the record, while ByStorm Entertainment’s Mark Pitts and Wayne Barrow serve as executive producers of the project along with Kirk Lightburn as A&R. In addition to producing a handful of tracks himself, Mali also enlisted the production talents of the iconic Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis and D’Mile. 

“No Fun Alone” produced by Duplessis, begins with smoky jazz piano and bluesy guitar licks before giving way to the singer’s instantly recognizable croon. Lyrically, he takes the opportunity to remind everyone, “It’s no fun alone.” On the other end of the spectrum, “Heavy Love” skates along on upbeat percussion and tasteful melodic leads punctuated by a bombastic groove of live instrumentation. 

He grabs the mic for truly pensive, passionate, and poetic bars during “Little Lady”. A soulful refrain resounds as he solemnly rhymes, “Can’t distinguish the laughter from the cries, bags under your eyes, so you use makeup to cover up what you cannot hide.” 

His raps build into a thought-provoking statement declaring, “You have daughters and they have sons who have daughters and those are the ones who have the opportunity to break the curses that make their mothers buy purses with letters on them to show they’re not worthless.” This isn’t just a cry for a change in music but in culture at large, and he’s not afraid to let it out—loud. 

Meanwhile, the single “Beautiful” lives up to its name. Written and co-produced by Mali as well as Duplessis and Arden Altino, the track glides from an energetic verse into a heavenly refrain that instantly shines and soars—living up to its title. 

“This song is for those people who never stopped believing and always saw me for who I was,” he reveals. “It’s a letter to the ones in your life who 

were there when you were nothing, they were there when you became something, and they were there when you lost everything you had again. It’s a tribute to everybody who helped me become who I am. They’re truly beautiful, and I needed to say it.” 

Mali performed “Beautiful” on American Idol, and it immediately soared up multiple charts. It reached #16 on R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Songs chart and #36 Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, heralding his arrival. Moreover, it clinched the #2 spot on the iTunes Top R&B/Soul Songs chart, while topping both the Gospel Digital Songs chart and Hot Gospel songs chart. Still, it’s only one piece of the album. 

On “Ready Aim,” Mali nods to his hip-hop influences like Outkast and Drake with intricate and irresistible rapping. “I’m living my life,” continues the artist. “I’m on this track, and I can’t get off. It’s like I’m on a train at full speed. Anybody can fire whatever they want at me, but y ou can’t shoot me down. This one is like a fuel injector. It gives you that boost so you know you can accomplish your dreams.” 

Everything culminates on “I Believe”. The track produced by Mali himself serves as the album’s final destination, encapsulating his journey up to this point. Musically, a major piano melody entwined with a slick drum beat as Mali opens up yet again, professing “We all need faith.” The track is as unique as it is uplifting. 

“I’ve got something I need to share,” he asserts. “There’s a deeper message. It’s the heart of everything I do, and I want to get that to everyone possible. That’s the ultimate goal.” 

In many ways, everything comes back to the album’s title. Mali Is… encompasses this enigmatic and enlightening artist. “My music is the real deal,” he goes on. “I put so much of myself into it, and that’s where the title came from. I believe everyone with a beating heart will be able to find themselves in some part of it.” 

With his dedication and vision, he’s about to tap into music’s power like never before.“I want to inspire others to inspire,” he concludes. “It’s not just about surviving, paying your taxes, doing what you do to pay rent, and calling that life. It’s about living, thriving, and prospering. It’s about following those pure and innate impulses to realize your full potential. I hope I can be the key to unlock that in somebody listening.” 

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