Unskrypted: Empowering Authentic Representation Through Passion and Purpose

Unskrypted, founded by Folasadé Ogunmokun, emerged as a response to her personal experience with the news industry. It was during the time of the Trayvon Martin verdict when she noticed how the media was treating the story. While others were focusing on Arizona cans and skittles, Folasadé couldn’t help but feel that something crucial was being overlooked.

Driven by her passion for change and representation, Folasadé embarked on a mission to create Unskrypted — a shoppable streaming network that brings together Black-led content with Black-owned businesses. This unique ecosystem allows viewers to not only enjoy their favorite shows but also shop for the products they see on TV.

For years, Folasadé has been tirelessly working towards building a legacy that not only challenges societal norms but also empowers underrepresented communities. Unskrypted is a testament to her dedication and vision for a more inclusive media landscape.

Through Unskrypted, Folasadé aims to provide opportunities for Black creators and entrepreneurs while giving viewers an immersive and interactive experience. By seamlessly integrating entertainment with commerce, she is revolutionizing how we consume content and support businesses within marginalized communities.

Unskrypted is more than just a streaming platform; it’s a movement towards empowerment, representation, and economic growth. With Folasadé at the helm, this innovative venture is set to leave an indelible mark on both the media industry and society as a whole.

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What do you define as success?

Folasadé: First, I don’t see success as a one stop, I see it as a forever evolving experience. If a launch is what is supposed to happen and it does, I see that as success. So for me I define success as going after my heart’s desires and doing everything within me to make it happen. For Unskrypted I see that as becoming a household name and redefining the narrative around how we see ourselves on TV and on shelves.

Do you believe in work- life balance? If so, how do you maintain it?

Folasadé: NO I do not believe in work life balance I believe in harmony. Have you ever listened to a choir and the sopranos are carrying a note and then the tenors come in and then the altos? I feel that way with work and life, some days i have to be more of a mom, other days I have to be more of a boss, but all days I am a mom and a boss but this song just might not have as much alto- work as other songs and may be some songs are solos just for tenor- life. I maintain this harmo

What’s your best piece of advice for aspiring and new entrepreneurs?

Folasadé: “You can do ANYTHING, but you can not do everything” I say it all the time and sometimes even as a reminder to myself. But when we do too much we can do it all great but when we do what we can and bring in others who do great at something else, we build foundations and relationships that can grow beyond your wildest dream.

More on Folasadé:

As a Nigerian American, she has been able to use her multi-cultural background to relate to people across the African Diaspora, while also finding new ways to do so. She pursued a television production at Howard University, later continuing her education with a Master’s in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University.

She is currently streaming on Peacock for the second Season of “Founding in Color”, a three-part docuseries from Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs, which shines the spotlight on eleven Black and Latino startup founders as they get candid about navigating race, family, identity, mental health, and more, all while building and scaling businesses in America today. She is a proud recipient of the Jrue and Lauren Holiday foundation and is also one of eight founders who pitched at the first ever NBA Foundation Pitch competition at NBA All Star Weekend in Utah. She is currently launching the first of its kind shopable show- THE BAG on Unskrypted with 3 dynamic hosts and an array of black businesses. She does all of this while balancing being a mom to an innovative 11 year old. She hopes to use media and entertainment to help close cultural gaps and redefine the narrative in the Black community.

Connect online: Instagram: @unskryptedtv

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