Tyler Perry’s “The Oval” Actor Nick Barrotta Discusses His Beloved Family, Career, and Success 

Celebrated actor and media host Nick Barrotta has worked with many notable media publications and outlets such as Celebuzz, The Wrap, and Entertainment Tonight interviewing some of the biggest names in Hollywood including John Legend, Khole Kardashian, Jordan Sparks, Heidi Klum, and Taraji P. Henson. From humble beginnings, Nick was born in Los Angeles, California, and raised on Long Island, NY with his three brothers Jake, Zack, and Michael.

He attended Walt Whitman High School on Long Island and later attended Hofstra University majoring in Broadcast Journalism. Soon after becoming a well-known media personality and a familiar face at events and on the red carpet. Also hosting a mini interview series with The Wrap called “Drinking with the Stars” in New York City and later he starred in the first commercial for Dock 72 at The Brooklyn Navy Yard.

As a model, Nick has flourished on-the-scene landing campaigns with Perry Ellis, and New Balance, and has even walked in New York Fashion Week to name a few.

In 2018, he made his debut on Divorce Court serving as the Bailiff and Court Reporter for two seasons alongside Judge Lynn Toler. The latest of Nick’s accomplishments was in 2019, when one of the greatest theater, tv, and film directors and writers of all time, Tyler Perry cast him as Allan in his BET prime-time hit soap opera The Oval.

Nick Barrotta’s work on The Oval is proof of his talent and promising career. He brings a raw passion to his character on the show that can not be taught. The acting comes so naturally, is extremely well done, highly believable, and has the audience excited to see him in every scene and eager for more. He fits into this great ensemble television series so amazing these past 4 seasons and truly is a fan favorite.

Hustle and Soul Magazine obtained an exclusive interview with Nick Barrotta as we spotlight, and celebrate his outstanding career achievements as well as the hustle and soul he’s obtained and continues to hold on to during his journey of conquering the entertainment world. We salute this actor of our generation who is certainly the one to be on the lookout for. Who is also inspiring, such a role model to some many people, very family-oriented, with a kind and humble soul, as well as a humanitarian.

Actor/Media Host/Model Nick Barrotta

Tammy: You’ve had such a thriving career in media and entertainment as a model, actor, and journalist. Please tell us what sparked your interest to pursue your career path.

Nick: As far back as I could remember I had a true passion for the entertainment industry. I always loved tv and the movies and had such an appreciation for actors and tv personalities. I just wanted to be like them! I wanted to put on a show. I remember sitting down with my brothers when we were younger and telling them to pretend to be Derek Jeter or Michael Jordan so I can interview them. I just had so much fun with it. It’s been a big part of my life since I was a little kid and I knew I always wanted to break into the industry.

I kind of had a tough time figuring out how because there is no real blueprint or clear path to finding success in the entertainment field. So I told myself I am going to keep having fun with it, shake as many hands as I can, and dream big. With that, I was able to find some opportunities and I’m really grateful I was able to bring some dreams to life!

Tammy: As a journalist, you have interviewed some of the biggest names in the industry. How was the transition for you from a Media Host to an Actor?

Nick: Hosting has always been such a passion of mine and still is to this day. That was great for me to be on the red carpets early on and sit down with a lot of different athletes and celebrities. That gave me a true understanding of the business side of things dealing with managers, publicists, and event coordinators. It was an interesting and important time in my life. I went to Hofstra University which was really close to Manhattan and I was able to get to the city for a lot of these events and took full advantage of that.

As you said, I’ve interviewed some of the biggest names in Hollywood such as John Legend, Khloé Kardashian, Taraji P. Henson, you name it. It was great! I look back on those days and it motivates me to get back to that side of the ball and I hope to do so soon. The transition kind of happened naturally when those new doors in the acting world opened up for me.

Tammy: You met Tyler Perry when you were working with Judge Lynn Toler on Divorce Court. What was the process like getting cast as Allan on the hit tv series The Oval?

Nick: I still get goosebumps thinking of it because it was such a crazy thing that happened. When I got the job to be a Bailiff on Divorce Court I didn’t realize that we were going to be filming at Tyler Perry Studios. Once I realized that I said to myself that there was a bigger plan here. I was so excited to work with Judge Lynn Toler and be a part of such a historic show but I knew it was bigger than that. To know I was filming at Tyler Perry Studios kind of hit different. I was so much more excited that I was going to be there and call it a home away from home.

I was able to meet Tyler when he was bouncing around the lot one day and checking on all of the productions that were happening. I remember him pulling up to the Divorce Court set — he was so real and genuine. He introduced himself to Judge Lynn and I, and I’ll never forget that handshake. He and I talk about the handshake to this day because it was the start of a new journey for me. That handshake changed my life.

After we connected that day, I told him I had bigger dreams and aspirations. Eventually, I told Tyler that I wanted to get into acting. He gave me the opportunity to audition for The Oval. I found out later on that he actually wrote the role of Allan for me. It’s somewhat surreal to even think back on. He brought so many dreams to life for me. What I always say about Mr. Perry is that he’s such a bright light — so bright that he allows others to find their way. That’s what he did for me and so many others.

Tyler Perry’s “The Oval” Cast Members Derek Dixon (Dale) and Nick Barrotta (Allan)

Tammy: I’ve watched The Oval since season 1 and now in season 4, I continue to love this iconic show even more. The last episode I watched this season was where we left off with Allan and Dale camped out and hiding from the corrupt White House Chief of Staff and Secret Service. At this point in the season, what is going on in Allan’s mind and what do you hope for Allan?

Nick: Allan’s hands are full and his head is spinning. He’s been doing his best and trying so hard to keep balanced, stay professional at work, and do his job. At the same time try not to go crazy or fall into the trap of all the mess that the White House and the administration brings. I think he’s been doing a pretty good job, but this season started with Allan on the run.

We had so much fun shooting season four because it was different for me and my character. Being outside of the White House, you’re able to see a different side to Allan which is great to tap into. He toughens up a bit and knows that he has to trust his gut and be rougher around the edges to survive at this point.

I love where Allan is right now and I’m excited to see where Tyler can take his storyline. It’s been so much fun seeing how the audience responds to this season and Allan and Dale’s chemistry and banter. Derek Dixon is such a good friend of mine and we had so much fun filming these scenes. It’s been a long, emotional road for Allan, but he’s still alive, he’s still breathing, and we have a lot more of Allan to look forward to!

Tammy: Why do you think The Oval is one of the hottest tv shows out right now?

Nick: It all goes back to Tyler Perry. He’s just brilliant! The biggest blessing in all of this is to watch him operate and do his thing from a writer and director standpoint. He has such a loyal audience and never misses. I’ve seen him do so much brilliant work from afar for so many years, and now to be a part of it and see it up close is so special. I have to take my hat off to him. The cast and crew as well because they all add great value to the show. We get along so great on set and off camera which translates to how smooth things run. We are grateful for all of the support and so happy that everyone is loving it. I’m truly blessed to be a part of such a successful show for four going on five seasons. Things are going to get even crazier so buckle up! There’s a lot more of The Oval to look forward to.

Tammy: I understand you have a twin.

Nick: Yes, I do. I have a twin brother and two younger brothers. There’s four of us!

Tammy: So awesome! What does your family mean to you and how have they been supportive in your career?

Nick: Family is everything to me and I’m not just saying that. My parents did such an amazing job with my brothers and me, raising us and instilling those values of the importance of family. My brothers and I are best friends. They’ve been supportive throughout everything. My parents always told us to go after our dreams and that we can do anything we put our minds to. This industry is a rollercoaster. As many highs there are lows and my family has always been there to lift me back up. They are my support system. They mean the world to me.

Tammy: What do you look for in a friend while navigating this industry?

Nick: That’s a great question! As mentioned I’ve got such great friends around me. I’m big on trust and loyalty, and I’ve been very blessed in that regard.

I’ve been friends with a lot of the same people since I was a kid! It’s important to hold on to the real ones. People that have known you through many different stages of life and have been right there with you at your worst. People that don’t just tell you what you want to hear. You have to keep them close.

But I’m a people person. I love meeting new people. Especially like-minded people that make me want to do better!

Tyler Perry’s “The Oval” Cast Members Taja V. Simpson (Priscilla) and Nick Barrotta (Allan)

Tammy: What else are you working on or does The Oval have your plate full at this time?

Nick: The Oval has been great and I’m blessed to have that foundation for almost 5 seasons. It’s such a big part of my life. I am still building in the tv and film space with some new projects in the works that will be announced soon which I’m excited about but I’m big on diversifying the portfolio!

My brothers own a restaurant in our hometown of Long Island called The Ivy. We’re having a lot of fun building that up! I’m also a part owner of two Burrito Bars on Long Island called Shrimpy’s Burrito Bar.

In addition, we launched a non-profit charity called The Light of Long Island. Our goal is to help families in the community. We had a golf outing event over the summer that was very successful and we were able to give back to a family in need. We look forward to building there as well and doing amazing things for the community especially as we get into the holidays.

The priority and the main goal is to continue to build in the tv and film space. With any success I receive, I want to continue to give back and spread love as much as I can. For the longest time, I had the wrong idea about the definition of success. Tyler Perry helped clear it up for me. It’s not about the money or material things, it’s about having a platform to be able to give back to people and help people in a positive way.

Tammy: What unique characteristics have defined your success?

Nick: Any success I have has not come quickly or overnight. Today, a lot of people live in this microwaveable culture and are afraid to use the oven, marinate, create, and have patience. Patience has allowed me to be able to not expect those immediate results. I recently saw a quote that I could relate to which states, “Trust your hard work, it’s unlocking doors that you may not even see yet.”

So for me, patience has been big along with perseverance. Also, being relentless, and driven. I take pride in all of that. This has been ten years that I have been hustling. People that aspire to get into this industry have to be consistent and persistent. Have patience, put the hard work in, and have the right mindset to know that the results won’t come immediately. I love sharing this advice to actors who are just starting out.

Tammy: What is a super fun fact about yourself that many people are not aware of?

Nick: My 95 year old grandma is my best friend and dancing partner! My brothers and I do a lot of TikToks with her and have such a great time. She’s the best, she lives on her own, travels, goes for her walks, and to the gym. She’s special!

We have a lot of awesome viral videos on TikTok. Make sure to check it out!

Tammy: What do you want your legacy to look like in the entertainment industry?

Nick: Being able to have a positive impact on others. Tyler Perry has been such a mentor to me not only in the film and tv space, but in life in general. To see what he’s done for others has been so inspiring. I hope to be in the position to be able to do even just a little of what he’s done for others! I want to continue to find success in this industry, but only if it means I can impact others and give back in a positive way. I’m manifesting a lot more tv shows, movies, and commercials, but at the end of the day, I want people to remember me for being a really good soul. That’s what matters the most.

Actor/Media Host/Model Nick Barrotta

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