Amoila Cesar, a Los Angeles-based elite fitness trainer, knows all about what it takes to get people in the best shape of their life.


He’s taking his background from working with professional athletes to create an explicit workout program on Beachbody called, 6 Weeks of THE WORK, and 4 Weeks of THE PREP. His routines are based on workouts he designed while training pro athletes like Demarcus Cousins, Rodney Hood, Bobby Portis and Kevon Looney, to name a few.

“I wanted to bring that type of grit and that type of edge to Beachbody. This is the first in-home Beachbody program that has ever been explicit. It’s for anyone who is really intense and really loves those styles of training”, says Amoila.


Amoila says his program is not for the weekend warrior, but is ideal for the advanced person who’s possibly looking to go collegiate. “My style of training is functional training with this intense, intense grueling, unapologetic style of work.” For example, one of his routines, called The Crucible, has 8 moves, with 100 reps each! His Strength and Agility routine works on transitional movements and power movements. “It’s new functional hybrid training mixed with a lot of compound lifts”, Amoila shares.


If you’re hard core and want to get in the best shape of your life (pro-athlete style), then be ready to dedicate 30-45 mins a day for five days to train like a pro with Amoila.


“We’re not messing around”, Amoila confirms.


When Amoila talks about his why, it becomes apparent why it’s important to have an all-or-nothing attitude when it comes to crossing the finish line for getting in the best shape of your life.


When approaching this or any workout regime, Amoila says, “the first thing you have to ask yourself is why. That why is going to be the reason why you continue and why you stay committed to your workout. So, if your why is for a vanity purpose, it better be a darn good reason. It has to be something that has conviction to it. That you have passion for. The first thing is creating that why and understanding that I wanna be a healthier person. Whether you wanna be around for your kids. I wanna be able to run.”


Digging even deeper, Amoila says, “when it gets hard, and the program get to become harder, that why is gonna be the reason why you push through those last few reps.”


His own why is heart-wrenching, real and as intense as his workouts.


He became passionate about fighting obesity, after his mom and grandmother both passed away in their mid-fifties from being overweight. “Certain cultures don’t practice quality foods”, he shares. “You know, when I grew up, soul food was everything”, Amoila says.


“I really wanted to help people and inspire people and educate people.” When his brother gained weight after their mom passed away, Amoila was there to help when he needed it most. “He just had a hard time fighting the weight”, Amoila remembers. So, what did he do? He moved his brother to Los Angeles, trained him one-on-one and in two months his brother lost 60 pounds! If this isn’t the ultimate sibling love story, and a testament to his passion for fitness, I don’t know what is.


Amoila is all about walking his walk. He seems to carry his why in a special section of his heart. It’s ingrained in who he is. And I doubt he would be able to train people like 2 Chainz and DRAKE, if he himself didn’t already have that winning mindset he speaks of. Trainers can’t do the workout for their clients. And if they phone it in, it’s obvious and no good to anyone. Trainers need to hold space for the people they train. They need to be there with them in mind, body and spirit, coaching them along while the client pushes themselves motivated by their own why. For such a gruelingly-collaborative experience, it’s an intensely personal one, as well. Amoila seems to understand this, and oozes with a knowing that instantly puts people at ease.


“Being spiritually and physically connected with yourself is the only way for you to really see those results that you’re trying to see”, Amoila confides.


Amoila Cesar is the real deal. A force for good. And I’m happy for him that he found his passion and walks confidently in coaching equally-intense and pro-minded souls. “I have a great time just doing what I love”, he declares.


Amoila Cesar’s Beachbody workout program is rolling out internationally in the coming months.

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