Top 1% Realtor in America & Black Female Bank Owner Benaisha Poole Watson Shares The Benefit of Owning Real Estate & More

“Don’t sell grandma’s house and don’t pawn off granddaddy’s land. They spent their whole lives paying for those assets so that your children will always own the place they call home.” – Unknown 

There are different perspectives to this quote. In today’s time, there are those who stand firmly on the ideology of releasing land is the wisest move in a falling economy. And then there are others who either believe in the sentimental value of it or are looking for ways to ensure an increased value of it. Now, are either of these stances in error? Not sure! But we can all learn a little more about real estate and generating wealth from those who are actively and successfully helping others create wealth. Not social media gurus! 

Having a qualified voice to catapult you into a wealth that keeps on giving is the greatest asset to date. I say, have the conversation with Jay Z (social media insider) because if you don’t know how to flip the money, you’ll never be wealthy. One person worth connecting with is Benaisha Poole Watson. She has sold over  400 homes yearly (for the past 3.5-4 years), has realtors all over the nation in every state, is in the top 1% of realtors in America, member of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (only Black Female in leadership), gives back to her community and helps educate and sponsor activities to enrich the community, is a renowned speaker centered around Women’s Interests, Real Estate, Mortgages, and Lending, a Military Veteran, and an active Wife, Mother, and daughter. Benaisha is the proud owner of her own Federally Chartered Bank, Prime One Lending Group/Prime One Home Loans, where she is operating as a Direct Lender. Prime One Home Loans is a direct lender, Fannie Mae approved. Prime One Home Loans has options that fit whether you’re a first-time home buyer, trading up, ready to renovate, or looking to refinance. And I had the privilege of catching up with her to learn more about real estate and more. 

You are an active wife, mother, daughter, and businesswoman. You are a threat! And that’s a good thing. But how do you balance it all?

Benaisha Poole Watson: My balance comes from being great to myself through self-care. Spending quiet time by the pool, enjoying a nice glass of wine, reading a good book, or a pampering session at the spa.

Being a Top 1% realtor in America and a Black female bank owner, how different is it in those two aspects?

Benaisha Poole Watson: Although both lanes are real estate related, they are very different. The top priority for a Realtor is to find their client a home they can be happy with. The top priority for a Bank Owner is to verify that the person is financially eligible for the amount of money they are interested in borrowing and if they have the ability to pay it back.

With it being different, I’m sure there are some benefits of you being both a realtor and a bank owner. How beneficial is it for your clients that are looking to purchase and sell to go through your bank?

Benaisha Poole Watson: It is an absolute benefit because I am able to give the client firsthand insight into programs and products that best fit their needs. As daily rates are released, I have immediate access. This is information that the public is not always privy to. I can also help a client prepare for homeownership by preparing the file for the Processors and collecting the necessary supporting documents for the Underwriting Team, instead of waiting for them to be requested. Ultimately, helping to expedite the file and getting it to closing and funding sooner.

It is stated that America is entering into a recession, or even worse, a depression, (which is something we haven’t seen in a long time). What are some ways you encourage your clients in this time to be diligent in their portfolio or if it is even wise to build a portfolio in real estate?

Benaisha Poole Watson: Owning real estate will always be one of the best investments to make because it is a bankable asset and can be leveraged. Per year real estate rises at a rate of 3% to 5% on average and offers cash flow through passive income, tax breaks, the ability to build equity, and if held long term provides an overall strategy to build wealth.  Although real estate will always have value, even during a crash the key to success in investing is to understand your investment and any risk that may potentially come along

For the women, how imperative is it to own land? To have that portfolio that leads to wealth?

Benaisha Poole Watson: Owning land is a tangible asset that keeps increasing in value over time. As the world continues to become more and more populated land will always be in demand. There are no utilities to maintain and the cost to insure is typically minimal. Lastly one of the biggest benefits is you have the freedom to get creative with whatever you want to put on that piece of land as long as it is within the zoning regulations.

Do you have any classes or engagements for potential buyers and even sellers to learn the ins and outs of real estate and more?

Benaisha Poole Watson: At least, 5 -7 times a month I speak across the US on financial success and how to create generational wealth in the black community through real estate

How can more individuals connect with you?

Benaisha Poole Watson: Instagram @benaisha__

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