The Truth Coach Randy On His Empowering Journey

According to Coach Randy, truth coaching is not just a career, it’s his purpose. Through his personal journey and perspective is where he unearthed the answers.

Coach Randy commenced his voyage of becoming a “truth coach”. By mere definition, a truth coach is a vessel that assists individuals to acknowledge and vanquish the elements in life that create self-inflicted mental illness.

As a coach, his mission is to pilot others in living in true authenticity; their personal TRUTH. One can gain clarity of living in their authenticity by detaching from illusions embedded in one’s mind. When one lives in truth, all other areas of life will fall into place.

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What inspired you to become a truth coach and what does that mean?

The mental state of the many people I came in contact with inspired the birth of Truth Coach Randy. People go through life making the money, displaying this picturesque lifestyle, but are in mental distress in private. This was a problem because this level of mental illness negatively affects relationships, family structures, eating habits, sleep patterns to name a few and not just to the individual. I have a mission to change the world by helping individuals to find peace within themselves because many fear losing things or people they feel they might not be able to live without. I help them to realize through their own eyes that sometimes losing to win is imperative. We live in a world of people that are so consumed with outside forces that they forget about the importance of self. Relationships can be reformed and things can be acquired again but we only get one full chance to live our best life and time does not slow down to give people time to figure it out. This is how the Truth Coach brand was formed.

Through my many conversations with people no matter the issue each person, in some way, avoided living completely in their truth. This decision was not always conscious but it always has a negative effect on their life. These results were high levels of stress, anxiety, loneliness, or the lack of ability to hold a solid relationship to name a few. So I developed the truth coach to take responsibility to help individuals face their own reality through their story.

A truth coach is that individual that assists you in facing your adversities that may be prohibiting progress at the pace needed to fulfill your life at the highest level. We take the time to explore your story from your perspective to find the points or instances that need to be addressed and faced. Once we face these harsh realities I assist in discovering what is needed to get some type of resolution so that a new way can be implemented. Change is imperative! Implementing this change into a scenario leads you to manifest the new version of you so that the world can see and experience the new and improved you.

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

The most enjoyable moment when truth coaching is the moment when a client has sorted the issues and is ready to face them. Once we can start working on the implementation stage of the SIMS Approach it becomes a reality that change is on the horizon and I can start to feel the transformation process coming to fruition. Many would ask why is it not the show and tell stage when the process is complete that is most enjoyable? Well watching a person grow right before my eyes while freeing themselves from whatever transgressions they have been dealing with in their story is the most fulfilling. When a person makes the decision on their own to make change the probability of the change being permanent has a higher probability to open the windows of opportunity once again in their life.

What sparked your passion to educate others?

At the age of 15, I began tutoring my peers to ensure they had the best opportunity to reach their goals and I believe that piece of me never died. I believe it continued to develop in silence as I was being placed in the right scenario for it to resurface. I believe that the more people I help to be better individuals, I am actually contributing to a better world. One-step and one person at a time are what I focus on and I work to make an impact that encourages the vessel to feed into someone else that may need help as well. I believe that I can start an avalanche of change by being the one to help people find their way through the pain and create a better space for themselves. This can create confidence and a voice that can set an example to those that witnessed the change in real-time making it a reality that even the toughest situations can be faced and conquered.

In what ways does the work that you do empower others?

With each person I get the opportunity to help successfully, I give others hope that they can reset and re-release. This is important to understand because the SIMS Approach is a method that can be applied to any scenario so people may never know their true impact on others from their journey. There is nothing like witnessing an individual shed the baggage and put on a new way that truly makes him or her feel better about the situation and life. It is not always going to be easy because there are some scenarios that many do not believe can be addressed. I don’t think that is true, the process is just more meticulous due to the sensitivity of the subject matter. This does make the process a little harder but with time change can be implemented, manifested, and displayed for others. The power is truly in our hands. We just have to find our way, make hard decisions and do it for our own good.

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