The Social Media Influencer Impacting the Trucking Industry, “The Trucking Guru” Kierra Henderson

Kierra Henderson, the “Trucking Guru,” a driving force in the transportation industry for over two decades. With over 140 trucks in her fleet, Kierra heads a multi-million dollar brokerage and dispatching company that has generated more than $100 million in revenue. Her self-made success has also enabled her to coach and mentor over 20 individuals to become millionaires.

Kierra’s mission is to empower women, felons, and people of color in the transportation industry. She ensures that her brokerage and dispatching services deliver clients’ shipments on time and within budget.

What sets Kierra’s services apart is her personalized coaching. She offers one-on-one support to those starting in the industry, focusing on financial management, business planning, and networking. Her expertise has earned her invitations to several high-profile podcasts, including FreightWaves, Black Wealth Renaissance, and Truck n’ Hustle.

With her dedication to empowering others and extensive knowledge of the field, Kierra Henderson is an invaluable resource to anyone looking to enter the transportation industry.

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