The Importance Of The Mental Health Conversation With D’Andrea Bolden

D’Andrea Bolden, founder and director of Faith + Mental Health understands the importance of the conversation about mental health being for everyone because she wants us all to take care of our mental health. D’Andrea says that we should also be honest with ourselves and know if we need professional help. She is a gifted communicator and sought-after speaker for mental health and corporate events.

For over a decade, D’Andrea has been involved extensively with non-profit community-based work to assist low-income families, the homeless population, and to provide mental health solutions. D’Andrea desires to see the faith-based community free of stigma and knowledgeable on how to address mental health.

The inspiration behind creating Faith + Mental Health was her knowing that both faith and mental health are important to people. Its an honor to have a raw and real conversation with her surrounding mental health awareness.

Would you say that the conversation around mental health is for everyone?

D’Andrea: Yes, The conversation about mental health is for everyone. You might not know what is going on with you but we all know when we are not at our best. So many people will post about mental health on social media and even talk about it yet they are still reluctant to book that first appointment. We have to remove the stigma and realize it’s ok to get help. Life can be a tough journey with so many challenges and it can be exhausting.

Sometimes you can’t seem to catch your breath as life’s challenges keep piling up along with the bills. On top of that, many are already dealing with family drama, the aftermath of childhood trauma and also trying to heal from failed relationships. Because life keeps going we have to be able to have the right tools to cope and heal for real. Not these cute little memes and catchphrases but truly healing from the inside out.

From your experience as an expert in the mental health space, do you think people shy away from talking about mental health?

D’Andrea: Absolutely! I cannot tell you how many women have reached out to me privately afraid to go get professional mental health services in fear of losing their children. There is much to be said but even more that needs to be done.

Ultimately, learning about mental health can help you and those around you. We have to get fed up seeing people come to their breaking point. There is no shame in getting the help because we are all imperfect and have room to heal, grow, and evolve.

What has been your experience with women and parents who are struggling with their mental health?

D’Andrea: So many women in particular are hurting. I emphasize women because many are single mothers and they can not give their best if they are not their best (referring to mental health). Parenting can be draining by itself so if a person is not mentally and emotionally healthy they might not be able to show up and be the parent their children deserve.

On May 4th- 6th D’Andrea is hosting and speaking at the 2023 Faith + Mental Health Hybrid Summit. Learn more

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