The Game of Life! Are you willing to release the weight during the wait?

The professional poise, the outgoing personality, and the infectious smile are just some of the characteristics that many associates with choreographer, now author, Dacia James Lewis. A woman about her business while helping others up is a woman to be connected to. Lewis is no stranger in showing up and showing out as her intensive career resume speaks for itself; choreographed and graced stages with artists such as Tracee Ellis Ross, JHud, Jamie Foxx and so many more with credits in films. And although those credits are honorable it is her contributions to the writing world that is changing lives. She is now the author of The Game of Life: Releasing the Weight When God Says Wait. Did you read that title? It just gave me life because there’s some weight your girl definitely has to let go to get where God has for me. 

Dacia James Lewis takes us through her journey with infertility, family, society, and much more. Her vulnerability encourages a connection with her audience and hopes that this story will normalize the conversation about reproductive issues and other topics that many ignore. This book is not just a book but a revolution to be open and courageous! I had the privilege to speak with the author herself about the life-changing book and how it relates to me, you, and others in this world. Check it out below. 

Ashley Shaunte What prompted you to write a book? Was this always a dream of yours?

Dacia James Lewis Honestly, I can’t say it was a dream…more like purpose-driven. Our giftings as human beings are limitless. There is so much untapped potential within each and every one of us. Before I leave this earth I want to exhaust all of my creative gifts and talents. I used to write a lot when I was younger and I am an avid journaler, penning my innermost thoughts and feelings every day. I picked up an old journal from a tumultuous season in my life and came to the realization that it would be a good book in hopes that it would help someone else overcome tough situations. 

Ashley Shaunte Can you tell us a little about the title of the book? The title is usually the first thing that catches a reader and I feel like there is some play on words here like weight and wait, so I am very curious. 

Dacia James Lewis It is inevitable that at some point in a person’s life there will be a season of waiting; waiting to find that special someone, waiting to have those amazing children, or land that dream job. I wanted to take my readers down a journey of releasing the heaviness of waiting

Ashley Shaunte What do you hope this book conveys to the masses?

Dacia James Lewis My book is derived from my personal journals. I wrote in my journals with the intent to save me from myself and the thoughts that were ruminating in my head. It was therapeutic to write down my thoughts without judgment. When I started to read back the journals, I thought to myself, “This is a book!” It was a motivational pep talk to encourage myself during a weighty waiting season and if it helped me get through a waiting season then I was certain it would do the same for someone else

Infertility is such a taboo subject, especially in the black and brown communities. I wrote The Game of Life to bring awareness to the subject matter in hopes to dismantle the shame that’s associated with fertility struggles. 

Ashley Shaunte As you were writing, did you ever become afraid to put this book out?

Dacia James Lewis Great question! And absolutely. As with any passion project, it can be difficult to release it to the masses for fear of judgment or fear of failure. Perfectionism is another aspect that can stifle progression. But at some point, you have to just let go and trust that your best is good enough. Let go and let God!

Ashley Shaunte What would you say to that person who wants to write a book but has no idea where to start?

Dacia James Lewis There is no special formula to writing a book. You just have to do it. It can seem overwhelming at first but discipline, accountability, and vision are the key. We all have a story to tell, so don’t be afraid to tell yours. 

Ashley Shaunte How can individuals purchase this book and get in touch with you?

Dacia James Lewis My book is available where books are sold as well as on my site www.daciajames.comI love connecting with new people. People can follow me at and TikTok DaciaJames. For details on upcoming projects head over to my website And for my ladies, join our community of phenomenal women at See you at the top!

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