The Baltimore Club Experience With Samuel Preston IV

Hi, Hustle and Soul Magazine readers! We obtained an exclusive interview with Video Director Samuel Preston IV. This conversation allows us to grasp the beauty of the city of Baltimore and the rich history of Baltimore’s club culture.

Samuel Preston IV, affectionately known as Sammie, says, “Nobody really enjoys watching the news stations in Baltimore full segments content because of the negative city violence, or politics forums. Our city and the world needed to see more of the positive stories of Baltimore.” 

Sammie wishes that the city leaders got behind the youth talents more. He recently had a tv appearance on Good Day Baltimore.

What made you create the upcoming cinematic short film entitled The Baltimore Club Experience, why was it so important?

Sammie: The Baltimore Club Experience gives an in-depth look at our Baltimore club scene talents ranging from our skilled music producers and dancers. Over the years, our club culture has been evolving with greats such as the club Queen K-swift, Miss Tony, Diamond K, Kw-Griff, Pork chop, Blaqstarr, and even dancers such as TSU Terry, Fatgirl, Kai Mcfly, Mclovin, Dancing Brandon (One of the greatest Baltimore club dancers in its history), Swedish (The first queen of Baltimore who still represents for the culture), Nita (Another queen of Baltimore winner), and many more. The scene is still evolving and growing with our older, and present generations of talents, influencers, managers, and public relations reps. It was important to create cinematic visuals to showcase the city of Baltimore’s talents to reach higher heights in our communities, and the industry as well. Our Baltimore club culture has been very influential, it has even been used in recording artist Drake’s latest Honestly, Nevermind album sampling Baltimore recording artist Rye-Rye Baltimore Club “What” sample.

What are some of the original dances that come from the Baltimore club dance culture?

Sammie: Some of the original dance moves from Baltimore are Cherry Hill, Crazy Legs, SpongeBob, and many more, you can hear more Baltimore dance steps in TSU Terry Roll Call song. TSU Terry has been traveling around the world teaching Baltimore club dances.

Who are some of the Baltimore club producers behind the music production of this short film and what kind of impact did they have on the creative process?

Sammie: May 2022 was the focal point of the music, Club Producers such as Pac-Man, Dxpe Mikie, Mac Smith, Matthew Ripp, and the blessing is having all these talented producers under one creative project creating history. Even recording artist Mary J Blige had shared the Bmore club remix of real love.

Dxpe Mikie, producer of Mary J Blige’s Real Love Bmore Club Remix: “Being on the Baltimore Club Experience project is a great feeling because this gives us the chance to let the world know what Baltimore culture is all about.”

Mac Smith producer Lil Kim “Ladies Night” Bmore club remix: “When I was asked to do the “Ladies Night” Baltimore club remix, the first thing I did was listen to the song to kind of bring me back to the times when I was younger and use to hear that song and see a lot of women happy, dancing, and vibing out to the song. It felt good to put my own Baltimore club groove to a song that made an impact on women empowerment and made them get up and dance and just be happy with themselves. The creative process for a Baltimore club remix is always easy when you can reinstate the energy back from a past time and use it for your own creative idea.”

Dj Dizzy producer of “Are You That Somebody” Bmore club remix: “My peers always have a play in my creative process. Baltimore, we are so competitive even though I know these guys personally, made music on their couch. I always want my music to be on par with theirs or better. We motivate each other through our releases! I just take the idea Sammie gave to me, and just play the intro over and over again. I just started to hear that the Baltimore club beat behind everything. Speed it up a little in my head. Then I recreate it on the computer. I keep going till it sounds right. Then of course master it and practice on my DJ set. Let a few friends preview it, then it’s done.”

What would you like viewers to take away from this short film?

Sammie: I would like viewers to grasp the beauty of our city of Baltimore and the rich history of Baltimore club culture, Nobody really enjoys watching the news stations in Baltimore full segments content because of the negative city violence, or political forums. Our city and the world needed to see more of the positive stories of Baltimore. I wish the city leaders got behind our youth talents more.

“I would love the people to know that Baltimore is an amazing city that truly shows its soul through its Club music despite the negative light that outsiders sometimes give us.”-DJ Dizzy

What would you like to see more in our very own city of Baltimore to help grow and nurture the talents of our youth in the arts community?

Sammie: Baltimore lacks after-school programs, and recreational centers in our neighborhoods, and communities. I hope in the near future we have more outlets for the youth to go develop their talents and life skills. Also would like our news stations, Baltimore Sun Newspapers, and radio stations to showcase more stories from our Arts communities and Baltimore club scene events.

“I just want to see more policies and funding visually put in place for the youth. More safe spaces and mentorships for young black boys and girls. Safer and fully functioning schools to learn adequately. I just want to see the city better equipped. The talent is here.”-DJ Dizzy

Following the premiere of The Baltimore Club Experience on August 5th, what are some other upcoming projects that are coming up pertaining to the Baltimore dance community?

On August 28th, 2022, the Baltimore Club Scene annual King & Queen of Baltimore dance competition. On September 4th, 2022, will be the next phase of The Baltimore Club Experience, and Director Samuel Preston IV, is planning to bring two cities of his background to the forefront with Baltimore x New York Legendary dance cultures short film which will be released on November, Black Friday 2022. It will feature a well-known New York Dancer Jeremy “OPT” Perez whose Origins are Based in Brooklyn NY is an aspiring Artist of the “Flexn” Culture. His Gruesome Bone breaking and ways to channel the music through his expression is out of this world. He’s featured in the blockbuster movie “In the Heights’ ‘, music videos with many artists, and even started creating his own sound of music. DJ Dizzy would like to be remembered as a Legendary DJ that continued and showcased the new era of the Baltimore Club scene all throughout the world.

Dancer Dollbaby would like to be remembered for her creativity in having her own style in dancing. The Baltimore Club Experience project idea was first introduced in February 2022, the music production began between April, and May 2022 creating all new music for the short film score. It was filmed on June 18th, 2022 at the urban warehouse. After filming wrapped up Samuel wanted to take an industry approach to market the project to the masses.

The highly anticipated short film series will give a glimpse of the Baltimore club culture, music, and dance. The Baltimore Club Experience was filmed by Tyrell Boyd owner of 410 Black leaf productions, who signed Samuel to a creative contract in 2020, hosting model shoots and video shoots since then they have produced great work together, at times Samuel sees Tyrell as his creative partner with the projects. One of the most memorable moments for Tyrell being a part of the Baltimore Club Experience is seeing his son Amari shine among the dancers in the video itself, and the Billboard promotion as well as News segments. Samuel recalls “On set Tyrell keeps me on point at times, and gives a greater perspective in the filming or editorial process” Samuel started in the business doing management in the Baltimore club scene during 2008, after spending some time in the fashion, acting, and literature parts of the business his skills and mindset grew to prepare him for his work today, He is happy to be working alongside the Baltimore club dancers, and producers again.

Keep up to date with Samuel Preston IV by connecting on Instagram @sammiethelegend

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