The 5th Annual Author’s All-Star Conference Speaker, Pastor Rechard Larkin

2022 has been both rewarding and challenging for Pastor Rechard Larkin. He’s been able to accomplish a lot this year including furthering the work of the ministry, leveraging his book for starting a business venture, and expanding his network of professional contacts. However, Rechard has also faced some challenges along the way. He had to make difficult decisions about how to manage his time, stay motivated, and remain focused on achieving his goals. It has been a year full of growth, both personally and professionally, and he’s excited about the future!

Pastor Rechard Larkin is also looking ahead with optimism as there are still several exciting opportunities on the horizon for him as well as his wife and family. He’s expecting 2023 to be even bigger. Pastor Rechard is continuing to work toward his long-term goals and is confident that he can achieve them with hard work and dedication. While there have been hurdles along the way, Pastor Rechard is looking forward to continuing this journey with the holy spirit as his guide, and embracing what lies ahead.

“Every coach needs a coach, and every pastor needs a pastor.”- Pastor Rechard Larkin

Congratulations on celebrating your pastoral ministry milestone. How has this impactful life path changed your life?

Rechard: Thank you so much. Celebrating 7 years of pastoral ministry has been mind-blowing. Also, it has been incredibly meaningful to me. I first began pastoring the day after I buried my mom in 2015. It has made me realize the power of faith and how it can guide our paths even when we are unsure of the destination. The truth is, I never thought that I would be here — serving in ministry and leading a church. But, the transformational power of the gospel “preached” altered the trajectory of my life and positioned me where I am. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve others through pastoral work, and I look forward to continuing this meaningful vocation until God says otherwise. My ministry journey has helped me become a better leader, listener and communicator, which I believe are essential to any meaningful role. Overall, pastoring has been a life-changing experience that has enriched my life and spiritual journey to shape who I am today.

We understand that you were a part of the 5th Annual Author’s All-Star Conference. What was that experience like for you?

Rechard: The 5th Annual Author’s All-Star Conference was an amazing experience! Hats off to my coach, Taurea Vision Avant, for putting on an amazing event. It was incredible to be surrounded by so many talented authors, editors, publishers, and entrepreneurs. I felt honored to hear their stories, learn from their experiences, and pick up some useful tips and techniques that I can employ. Taking the stage as a conference speaker and participating on the Inner Circle panel was such a blessing. I had the chance to share my knowledge and insight with conference attendees. I also had the opportunity to network with author peers, which has already helped me grow.

The entire experience was inspiring and energizing. I made so many new connections, gained valuable insights about the publishing industry and even acquired some potential clients! All in all, it was an amazing few days that I’m sure will have lasting positive impacts. It was a true honor to be part of such an impressive event and I am grateful for the experience! Overall, I was able to develop strategies, establish business relationships, and create memories that I will never forget. Thank you for this chance to reflect on this special experience!

Please tell our readers about your books and any books that you have in the works.

Rechard: I am the proud author of What Do I Do Next? 10 Steps To Becoming Who God Created You To Be and I want to encourage your readers to pick up their copy at I am working on my sophomore book What Do I Do Next? 5 Keys To SHIFTing Your Mindset For Success and my third publication which is Daily Devotion with Pastor L. — a daily journal, devotional, and prayer book.

In addition, through my publishing company, I plan to help 100 pastors (and other church leaders), business leaders, and community leaders become published authors this upcoming year and galvanize a fundamental shift in how they triumph over their mental and emotional distress and share their stories of transformation.

What are some other memorable achievements from this past year?

Rechard: This past year has been filled with many memorable achievements. I had the honor of being invited to speak at a national conference, which was an incredible experience and opportunity. I also employed new marketing strategies for my business, which has helped me reach more potential clients and customers. Additionally, I was featured in several articles and news publications, giving me the chance to share my knowledge and wisdom with a wider audience.

I am also proud to have been a part of several initiatives this year. One of my favorite initiatives was The Rosa J. Larkin Memorial Scholarship — given to two graduating seniors at Baldwin High School, my alma mater in honor of my mother. It is always so rewarding to be able to give back and make a positive difference in the lives of others.

All in all, it has been an amazing year full of exciting opportunities and rewarding experiences. I’m grateful for the hand of God upon my life and for everything I have accomplished. I am looking forward to what lies ahead! Thank you for giving me this chance to reflect on my successes!

As a Pastor, Educator, Author, Coach, and Executive how do you stay motivated to empower, teach, inspire and preach to others?

Rechard: Focusing on “my WHY” has served as a crucial place for intrinsic motivation to empower, teach, inspire and preach to others. I remind myself that the work I do helps bring positive change in people’s lives and encourages them to reach their greatest potential. And thinking about the potential impact of my words and actions on the lives of others keeps me focused on my purpose. In addition, focusing on “WHO” is a great motivating factor. “The WHO” requires me to consider the source of my strength — the author and finisher of my faith. As a result of that focus, the holy spirit guides me to go, even sometimes when I don’t want to. And, the reality is, sometimes you really don’t feel like it. It is during times such as this that the people you surround yourself with are vitally important.

I’m blessed to have supportive friends and family members, colleagues, and mentors in my life who provide encouragement and guidance. Every coach needs a coach, and every pastor needs a pastor. I have both and I thank God for them. Their enthusiasm is contagious and helps me stay energized and focused on making a positive difference in life and business. Lastly, one area that is often overlooked is allowing oneself the space and grace to reset, relax, and recalibrate through self-care. Taking the time through leisure to improve my physical and mental health helps me stay motivated and productive in my work.

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