Stephanie Davis: Creating A Legacy By Giving Honor to Black Media Voices

Everyone understands the power of having a voice; though many are not heard or choose to remain silent. But having a voice means everything to Stephanie Davis, who is the CEO & Principal Publicist of Empower Media Group, Owner and Publisher of WE Magazine,  Hustle and Soul Magazine, and Black Media Honors, Founder of Black Influencers Guild and the Black Media United Organization, Co-Owner of ELLE | ELLE™ luxury fashion brand, Business Mentor, and Founder of Empower Cares.

Stephanie Davis, a Virginia native, is all about lending her voice to the issues that matter most, while also recognizing the importance of ensuring those willing to give their voices are able to do so and be heard across many platforms. It has become an integral part of her legacy and this is why it is important to honor her during the month that celebrates women the most.

An empowerment practitioner, Stephanie Davis strives to encourage others to fully embrace their authentic selves, honor their potential, and showcase excellence. As an overcomer of child abuse, mental health, and other struggles she spares nothing to make silent voices create the highest volume. Her motivation, her passion, and her transparency let many others know they are not alone. She also proves that your past does not dictate your present and can powerfully influence your future. Her “let go of the things that no longer serve a purpose; maintain a mindset of growth, purpose, and opportunity” attitude is the collective that has positioned her to be a selfless, prosperous, dynamic giver, strategist, and all-around amazing woman.

And that is only a fraction of who she is and what she does.

Stephanie’s HERstoric victories have empowered a community of people to come together to be acknowledged, celebrated, and awarded. Each year, she hosts the Black Media Honors summit to recognize African Americans and other minorities in media who have one common goal: to change, challenge, and control the narrative of societal, judicial, and political issues.

Partnering with businesses, brands, and other organizations, this summit and gala also brings together multicultural creatives, media stakeholders and advocates, tech gurus, industry leaders and educators for seminal and critical discussions on how to increase creative diversity in the new media economy. Every participant walks away with a sense of confidence that empowers drive to make a call to action.

Stephanie Davis is a powerhouse creating powerhouses. As a publicist, entrepreneur, and branding expert, Stephanie works with many brands, business owners, and celebrities by helping them create, strategize, plan, and execute. No matter what she does and who she does it for, it is an honor to be a part of any of it.

Stephanie, it is Women’s “HERstory” Month and today, we give you your flowers, acknowledgment of greatness, and Black Media Honor. Continue to soar!

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