Starting The New Year in Your NOW!

OMG! We are in the 8th month of the year. 2022 is literally around the corner (or figuratively)! And the new you for the new year starts NOW not January 1, 2022. Have you ever wondered why your resolutions never succeed? If you have then this is something to consider. Stopping cold turkey doesn’t really work much. Now I’m not saying that there haven’t been any successful results from cold turkey applications but it doesn’t work for everyone. So if you begin a disciplined schedule now you would be more apt to stick with your resolution for the new year. 

Case and point; if you would like to save more money next year, work on a savings plan in these remaining months of 2021. Your action plan should look kinda sorta like this: 

Financial Savings Plan for 2022

Pull up expenses over the year 

Grab a budget sheet and Evaluate income, bills, wants, and options 

Research Financial Advisors

Create reasonable monthly savings plan to get to $500 – $1000 by the end of the year

With this simple action plan, you are creating consistency, discipline, and accountability, therefore when the new year comes it won’t be such a stretch. Creating an action plan can be for your finances, your health, or whatever else you see fit. But you have to begin changing habits now to ensure you accomplish your goals for the new year. Why plan for a storm when it is already storming? That’s what we look like trying to plan for the new year in the new year! Start now. 

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