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Baby, one thing about me, when it comes down to the fall and winter seasons, I need my house to smell like it. I grew up in a southern home, so the smells of holiday treats are something I look forward to. So when searching for candles and wax melts I tend to look for sweets. I’m a sucker for cute decor, therefore when purchasing candles and warmers I want them to fit the aesthetic of the southern belle that I am, and of course my decor in my home. 

That’s why I was excited when Southern Girl Wax Melts, which are scents inspired by the south created by Seneca Dotson sent me a few wax melts from their new collection and their warmer set. Oh my gosh! I got my life. The smell of every one of them (I have melted them all in different rooms) screams holidays. Whether it was an after-clean type of wax-melting day or time to get cozy with hot chocolate and Christmas films type of day, the scents never disappointed. It felt like home. During the holiday season, my mom loved for her house to smell like baked goods and when melting these scents, all I wanted to do (and still do) is bake. These scents truly unlocked the southern girl in me. And though I would buy wax melts, candles are what I have always been drawn to, but Southern Girl Wax Melts got me appreciating incorporating wax melts into my collection even more. 


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I had the pleasure of speaking with the founder herself to learn a little bit more about Southern Girl Wax Melts. Check out the conversation below. 

What do you love most about running your wax melts business? 

Seneca Dotson A person’s home is the place where they feel safe, comfortable, and loved. I love knowing that my wax melts are helping bring a sense of peace, comfort, serenity, joy, and in some cases nostalgia to the homes of others. 

Why did you choose wax melts over candles? 

Seneca Dotson It’s an interesting story, a few months ago my grandson and I were taking a nap and the fire alarm started to sound. When I woke up, I discovered the candle I was burning caught on fire in the jar and the fire was beginning to rise. Afterward, I knew I needed a safer alternative to scenting my home.

(Note: The candle was a homemade candle from another seller. I’ve never made candles.)

How long have you been making wax melts and what inspired you to begin? 

Seneca Dotson I started Southern Girl Wax Melts in August 2022, after I was laid off from my corporate job in June 2022. It was the 2nd time that I had been laid off throughout my career and at that moment I realized that I needed to revisit starting another business. I’ve always had a successful career in Corporate America, and I know that if I put that same passion and drive into building my own business, I will be able to create generational wealth for my children and build a legacy for my family. After brainstorming some ideas with my son, I decided to launch a wax melt business because I love wax scents, wax melts are now in high demand, and it would allow me to get creative with the scents. So, I stepped out on faith and with the support of my family, Southern Girl Wax Melts was born! To sum it up…my family was and is my inspiration. 

How did you come up with your company name? 

Seneca Dotson I wanted a company name that represented me and the brand I was trying to build. The idea was to make wax melt scents based on my experiences in the South, as well as scents that would pay homage to my family. Since I’m originally from the South…born and raised in North Houston, Texas, I decided to go with Southern Girl Wax Melts because I’m a Southern Girl through and through. 

What do you love most about creating your products? 

Seneca Dotson I’m naturally a creative person, so I love coming up with different scents. I like to think of it as coming up with a new recipe for a new side dish or dessert in the kitchen. When I can recreate some of the desserts my grandmother and aunt used to make and put them into a wax melt scent it brings me joy.

This fall line scents are spectacular. When creating scents, what are the inspirations and how do you want the customers to feel? 

Seneca Dotson My scents are inspired by my childhood memories and experiences growing up and living in the South, which is why the tagline for my brand is: “hand-poured wax melts with Southern roots.” For example, my grandmothers and aunts were known for cooking and baking. The aroma of freshly baked pie or cake out of the oven was comforting because it meant we were celebrating a special occasion or holiday or enjoying Sunday dinner with the family. Hence some of the scents you will find in my Southern Cooking Collection: Big Momma’s Sweet Potato Pie, Big Momma’s Tea Cakes, Aunt Jean’s Caramel Cake, Aunt Jean’s Pineapple Upside Down Cake, and Southern Caramel Praline Pie to name a few.

I also have a special collection (i.e., Southern Charm: The T-Baby Collection) created in remembrance of my cousin, that tragically died earlier this year. We grew up together, and he was my favorite cousin, so some of the scents are based on our childhood memories and his personality as a Southern Guy.

I want my customers to feel a sense of home. It’s like when you go home for the holidays, and you get to see all your family under one roof. Everyone is laughing, playing games, and having a good time. Your aunties and uncles are telling stories from the past, and all the cousins are relaxing trying to see what they’re going to get into next. I want my wax melts to bring back memories, create nostalgia, and give each customer the feeling of love, peace, and happiness. 

What is the story behind the wax warmer? 

Seneca Dotson It’s cute but different. Growing up, I used to watch my grandmother make hot water cornbread in a cast iron skillet, as well as other food items. So, when I think of Southern cooking, I think of a cast iron skillet, and I wanted a wax warmer that aligned with my brand. 

How can the readers say in touch with you and purchase products? 

Readers can purchase our products on our website at: They can save 10% off of their first order by using the code: WELCOME.

Readers can stay connected with us by following our social media pages: Facebook Company Page, Facebook Private Group, Instagram, and TikTok. 

Our handle is @southerngirlwaxmelts for all social media platforms. 


Facebook Group:



There you have it! Be sure to get the scents inspired by the south to get you in the perfect holiday mood!

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