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Social Media Star Lynn SpiritOvercoming Obstacles & Sitting Front Row

Social Media Star Lynn Spirit
Overcoming Obstacles & Sitting Front Row


Take your chances, take a risk, you are your own sacrifice. – Lynn Spirit

If you want a laugh, need some hair inspiration, or even buy a bonnet we have the perfect person for you to go check out. Hustle & Soul had the opportunity to talk to the very inspiring and bubbly Lynn Spirit. Social media star whose video went viral as he styled his hair on Facebook. From that moment things have been up for Spirit, from New York Fashion Week to “Ru Pauls Drag Race”. However, things have not always been that way for him. He was diagnosed with a rare condition called hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, or HED,  which left him with the inability to perspire or grow hair. Spirit is showing his followers and subscribers that regardless of your situation you can overcome anything.

Hustle & Soul: How are you adjusting to COVID-19?

Lynn Spirit: For me, I’m normally a homebody, a loner, but sometimes I get pretty vulnerable because I’m human, some ups and downs but I’m pretty good. 

Hustle & Soul: As a child, You dealt with bullying, and you’re also dealing with HED. What kind of challenges did you face & how did you overcome them?

Lynn Spirit: The challenge was, that happened it, it happened to me so what are you going to do about it? Are you going to grow from this? talk about it? And that’s how I look at it. We are here on this earth for a purpose whatever happened to me was for a reason maybe to build me up as a person. I looked at it like let me turn this into a positive and not use my anger against people, let me share it. I accept I forgive, I move on and I rise from that. I was there at a time in my life where I wanted to take myself away but if I do that everyone else is going to move on when I can be serving a purpose while I’m here.

Hustle & Soul: How does It feel to be an inspiration to so many people?

Lynn Spirit: It’s a blessing, a blessing in disguise, I’m amazed every day because these people don’t even know me and they’re rooting for me people want that support.

Hustle & Soul: At what point did you realize things were turning around for you?

Lynn Spirit: It was a video of mine where I was doing my hair. I started doing my hair from scratch no makeup no hair just bald. I did my hair and it went viral the next day. I’m getting phone calls right and left. And I said this is it! I just had to take a chance. My mom always says Walk by faith, not by sight. Take your chances, take a risk you are your own sacrifice. It not only changed my life but it changed other people’s life.

Hustle & Soul: If you had a side hustle what would it be and why?

Lynn Spirit: I think I would be a massage therapist. I’m therapeutic, I believe in taking your mind into another place and zone out from the world. I used to do that with my cousin and massage their backs.

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Hustle & Soul: What is your self-care regiment?

Lynn Spirit: Home, watching TV, doing my hair, coming up with new ideas, or walking. Its kind of boring but that’s what I like, and meditation, just talking to my spirit. Candles, sage, and go to a special place.

Hustle & Soul: How was New York Fashion Week?

Lynn Spirit: I always wanted to go to NYFW, I think for anybody. I always wanted to be a model. I was at a  fashion show for a friend. I asked if the house of Man going to do fashion week. They hit him up and he said if I can get to New York then he got me. I got so much feedback from that walk like Cardi B commented on my page that was a big moment!

Hustle & Soul: We know that you are doing Ru Pul’s Drag Race, but what’s next?

LynnSpirit: I’m getting my website together because I want to do my own bonnets. Everyone always asks me where I get them, so I’m coming out with my own line, selling merchandise or something but the sky’s the limit for me. 

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