Singer-Songwriter Neika Simone Drops Smooth Jazz Single “My Door” from ‘Beautiful Moments’ EP

Soulful Singer-Songwriter Neika Simone is here to soothe heartbreaks with the release of her powerful break-up lyric video, “My Door.” The passionate single and lyric video introduces a fresh new outlook on life post-breakup. The dynamic women’s anthem is produced by Hannon D. Lane, Victor Nelson, and distributed by Canis Major Digital. Available to stream on all major platforms, the empowering record will also be going for adds on Adult Contemporary radio and Smooth Jazz contemporary station categories.

Neika Simone’s elegant vocals have soared from her Kings Mountain, NC church choir as a youth to #1 on the “Chartbound Below 30” Smooth Jazz chart with the release of her debut EP, Beautiful Moments. 

Neika Simone is honoring the late-great Recording Artist, Arranger, and Activist Nina Simone, by showcasing her artistry by making music her outlet for expressing her emotions as she navigates through life. Released on February 3, 2022, the tantalizing four-track EP covers relatable emotions from opening oneself up to the sweet cravings of new love, unpacking the complicated nuances of infidelity, to setting boundaries after a break-up. With lyrics and melody written entirely by Simone, her work has been described by as having “powerful vocal range, a dynamic expanse of emotions, an intoxicating rhythm diversity and a hypnotic gift for intimate and inviting songwriting.” Her major influences aside from Nina Simone include Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, and Nancy Wilson.

Please tell our readers about “My Door.” and the inspiration behind it?

“My Door” is a song that describes being in a better head space after a bad break up/relationship ends. The very person who caused all of that chaos tries to enter your life again and wants you back. I wrote “My Door” after having that experience myself and it teaches you to value yourself and set boundaries! 

Why do you think its important to have women’s anthems in the music industry and what women’s anthem can you relate to?

Women’s anthems allow women to feel like they’re not alone in what they’re going through. They also give us a platform to feel empowered and celebrated. I have so many favorites but a couple that I love are Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman and Beyonce’s “Run the World.”

What was it like working with the producers of your latest project?

Working with this incredible group of producers has been a wonderful experience. They both provided great feedback and gave me the support needed to grow as singer and songwriter, while exploring my creativity.

Any upcoming shows or new releases we can be on the lookout for?

I’m just really excited to continue promoting my new Beautiful Moments debut EP. You can definitely expect more new music will be released later this year! Upcoming shows are in the works and will easily be found on my website

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