Serial Womanpreneur Erma J Rises from the Ashes

When I think of the power and the authority that women carry, I can’t help but hear the ringing of Maya Angelou’s words: 

“Out of the huts of history shame

I rise

Up from a past that’s rooted in pain

I rise

I’m a black ocean, leaping and wide,

Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.” 

I wonder if Serial Entrepreneur Erma J heard these words ringing in her ears every time she decided to defeat a Goliath. Overcomer of domestic violence. Left as a widow. A mother of 4. I’m sure the world looked at her and said what does she have to offer. 

Women have always been handed the short end of the stick time after time after time again but in the midst of that women have also proven time after time after time that they have a right to sit at the table. Women not only birth nations but they can shift the results of a nation. 

After speaking with Media Personality, Entrepreneur, Author, Artist Manager, Life Coach (oh the list can continue on and on) Erma J, I realized that she didn’t cower at the obstacles that were in her way. She truly did rise from the shame and the pain. 

Ashley Shaunte How did Revamp Networks come about?

Erma J Revamp Networks was birthed from a moment in time when I needed to revamp my life completely. And I had to start internally which is how Internal Revamp (radio show) came about. So many times we focus on physical health and physical health alone, that is needed, however, it’s not the only thing. I had to do a lot of work for my health physically. The size I am today, I was not that 5, 6 years ago. But I also needed to check what was going on in my heart. What was keeping me stagnant? Many times we look at the external factors and they are valid but sometimes we have to take responsibility for our heart. After I got healed, God was like this is a platform. So I birthed my radio show from that. And I gave people an opportunity to come and share what would normally not be talked about. We ruffle some feathers on my show. We talk about issues that need to be highlighted. We can’t heal or make any type of money moves still harboring “sickness” in our hearts. 

Ashley Shaunte Are there any new ventures or ventures that you’ve been working on that many aren’t aware of?

Erma J I’m the founder and owner of Hierarchy Management. I don’t just manage artists like TRENDY (rap group) and Russ Brown and more, I develop them into becoming the artists that they need to be. That comes with media training, creative direction meetings. I’m not just putting you out there. I’m making sure you can sustain your position. Not only that but I am a life coach. I have a psychology background; went to school for it. So if you’re looking to revamp and elevate your life, I’m your woman. And so much more that I can’t disclose at the moment. But please stay tuned. 

And to stay connected with this Goal Digger follow her on social media: Instagram @hierarchy_mgt and @official_ermaj

(Photo taken by Harold Jay Trotter, Owner of 1989 Dreams Productions)

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