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Seme Eroh’s Book “When the Fog Lifts: Gaining Clarity After Chaos and Confusion” Helps Women Find Strength and Purpose Through Their Pain

Seme Eroh’s Book “When the Fog Lifts: Gaining Clarity After Chaos and Confusion” Helps Women Find Strength and Purpose Through Their Pain

Tammy Reese

Seme Eroh had to stand up against a toxic marriage in order to take back control of her life. She shares her deeply personal story in a series of essays in her new book When the Fog Lifts: Gaining Clarity After Chaos and ConfusionIn the book, author and life coach Seme reflects on her journey – from emigrating to the U.S. from Nigeria and leaving an emotionally abusive husband to finding a life of freedom and endless possibilities – while never shying away from the hard truths.

Now she feels called to help women who have been victims of mental and emotional manipulation feel safe, heard, and understood by creating conversations and dialogue around these issues.

Hustle and Soul Magazine got an exclusive interview with Seme.

Tammy Reese: What history do you intend to make with your new book new book When the Fog Lifts: Gaining Clarity After Chaos and Confusion?

Seme Eroh: I would like to create a history of women finding strength and purpose through their pain I want women to realize that it is only in death that we really stop but as long as there is life there is hope. I also want women to realize that they are separate individuals from any one situation and that no condition or situation defines them. Anything can change.

Tammy Reese: What was your journey like emigrating to the U.S. from Nigeria?

Seme Eroh: It was scary. At the age of 17 it was the first time I had been away from home without my family. I was however very excited and very expectant to join others in the land of opportunity.

Tammy Reese: How has helping women who have dealt with domestic violence made an impact on you personally?

Seme Eroh: It has given me a sense of fulfillment because in my experience what everyone going through pain wants to hear is that “you’re not crazy, you’re not imagining this”. It gives
me joy to know that I can validate women’s struggles and provide comfort through my
words and work.

Tammy Reese: From your perspective, what are some signs of being in a toxic relationship?

Seme Eroh:

-Constant feeling of being in limbo and uncertainty.

-When the other person directly or indirectly minimizes your feelings.

-When you’re isolated from your close family and friends.

-When you always have to maintain a façade and constantly keep secrets.

-When you cannot stand to be with the other person for long periods of time, if
you argue or fight, and you feel anxious around the other person.

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Tammy Reese: When you think of women empowerment, what comes to mind?

Seme Eroh: Women empowerment to me means allowing women to thrive and discover their gifts in a safe and nurturing environment. Women empowerment means providing the
resources to women to be all that they can be. It means looking at women as individuals
separate from their roles in society. Women empowerment does not have anything to
do with women’s liberation, feminism, or even the rights of women in my humble opinion.

Tammy Reese: How do you handle your mental health?

Seme Eroh: First and foremost, I handle mental health by dealing with a professional Therapist or Counselor, if a mental health issue has been identified. To maintain good mental health,
I avoid stressors and stress triggers, I protect my peace, I meditate, take walks, exercise and I write or journal. Most of all I find the reason and people who make me laugh
and happy.

Tammy Reese: What advice would you have for our readers to live an empowered life?

Seme Eroh: I would like readers to understand that everyone’s threshold is different, therefore we must be true to ourselves. If something is not okay with your core, then don’t accept it. It
is not a matter of right or wrong, it is about what

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