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We live in a society that thrives on us performing at our optimal peak while never allowing us the time to refresh to ensure this peak is always met. No fault of theirs, we too have a major part to play in the refreshing of ourselves. Constantly answering phone calls and emails on days we are not obligated to work is the number one sign that we have given away our power. With the lack of boundaries we then feel imprisoned in our own jobs. What if we made ourselves our main priority this year?

I spoke with Minister, Author, and TV Producer, Jennifer Eichelberger, on her take on self-care. Being an advocate for women to see the beauty in self care and how it reflects your self love, she was determined to write her book Self Care The Vital Art of Nuturing You. With the interview below, you will see just how important self care is to her and why it should be of importance to everyone else.

Ashley Shaunte: What is your definition of self-care?

Jennifer Eichelberger: Self-care is a deliberate, self-initiated and an intentional act that one implements to take care of themselves. Basically, it is an act that one uses to take care of themselves.

Ashley Shaunte: Was there ever a time when you didn’t embrace self-care? And why?

Jennifer Eichelberger: Oh yes there were many times when I did not take care of myself. But after a health scare of two I made the appropriate and deliberate steps to take care of me. I started eating healthier, drinking plenty of water, exercising, and knowing my limits and boundaries. Additionally, I incorporated, prayer and mediation in my daily life.

Ashley Shaunte: How important is self-care in a time of a pandemic?

Jennifer Eichelberger: Self-care is paramount anytime but especially during a pandemic which has caused multitude of problems in this country. Anxiety, depression and other issues are running high during this unprecedented time so it imperative to take care of yourself.

Ashley Shaunte: Would you say discipline is needed for self-care to be successful?

Jennifer Eichelberger: Yes, discipline is important as well as self -love. Beside if you do not take time out for yourself, you become emotionally bankrupt or stress out!

Ashley Shaunte: Why did you feel the need to write a book about self-care?

Jennifer Eichelberger: I felt the need to write this book because women are naturally nurturers and we take care of everyone and everything but ourselves. Think about when you are taking a plane ride, one of the first things the flight attendant instructs you to do in the event of an emergency is to put the oxygen mask on yourself first — then help others.

Ashley Shaunte: Is self-care and pampering the same?

Jennifer Eichelberger: Yes, to a point. All pampering falls under self-care, however all self-care is not pampering. Example– going to the hair stylist is grooming not necessarily just self-care. Hot baths, showers are part of self-care, but the main goal is grooming. Self-care is setting boundaries; knowing when you have had enough of a toxic situation and knowing when to say no. Self-care is being your best advocate.

Ashley Shaunte: What tips would you give an individual to incorporate in their self-care rituals?

Jennifer Eichelberger: My book “Self-Care: The Vital Art of Nurturing You” is replete with self- care tips. However, are a few: ● Write down five things you are grateful for● Eat healthy● Exercise● Journal● Read inspirational and motivational quotes.

Remember you cannot pour from an empty cup!

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