Self Care for the Holidays!

We’re one day away from Christmas Eve and the frustration is high in the air. From last minute Christmas shopping to the over cooking of food because the kids are constantly yelling, this holiday season can be stressful. But no worries, here are 5 ways to practice self care and incorporate the family too if need be.

Get Festive

Sometimes we get in the routine of a thing and forget to be present. This holiday be present in the festivities. Sit and admire your decorations or go and look at the lights in your city. Be a kid again. (This is something you can take the kids to as well.)

Practice Mindfulness

Indulging in activities and sweets is fine here and there but be sure you’re practicing mindfulness with every bite or event. Consider the smells, the tastes, and the sounds of laughter. Be intentional. This will help you slow down and allows you to cherish the moment even more.

Tea, Tea, & More Tea

Lady Miriam P., founder of Love & Tea Chats, (a 4 choice membership for women and girls to bond over tea parties, learn to host their own events, and chat over heart felt conversations) shared on social media ways to elevate your Christmas festivities, whether for Christmas Eve, Christmas, or the day after. She suggested incorporating tea; afternoon tea, tea with breakfast, or the end of day tea. Something quite different to do, especially afternoon tea on a holiday. But tea has many health benefits. It relaxes the muscles and blood vessels, which is perfect for an anxious time.

Take A Walk

Walking is beneficial for our health, as we have been told time and time again. Walking has also been used as a tool to calm down and recollect your emotions and your perspective. Taking a 10 minute walk can relieve the tension of the day. It also gives you a chance to admire nature; to see even in its diversity, and whimsicality, it is still perfect. The birds don’t care about the day. They just be. As you’re walking and see the decoration and the lights, you don’t notice the one light bulb out in your neighbors display. So taking a walk can change how you view your day.

Self Pamper

During this time of the year we are found giving to others. It’s the reason for the season, right? To give! But many times we forget to add ourselves to that list. This year gift yourself with the permission to pamper yourself. Buy yourself a gift. Book a massage. Or even create your own spa experience at home.

With these 5 self care practices for the holiday season, you’re sure to experience more peace.

Happy Holidays!

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