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Seed2Shirt Founder Tameka Peoples Bridges The Gap With Manufacturing Company

Seed2Shirt Founder Tameka Peoples Bridges The Gap With Manufacturing Company

Tammy Reese

Founder of Seed2Shirt, Tameka Peoples launches campaign as the First Black Woman-Owned integrated apparel manufacturing and print-on-demand company in the United States. Seed2Shirt is the first to use an all-black-owned production from cotton seed-to-cotton shirt for their Blank Apparel T-shirt Line to a Black Woman-Owned printing company, She Prints It.

Using organic cotton from African cotton farmers, produced in small batch carbon-neutral production centers in Kenya, Africa and distribute their line of blanks and print option shirts globally. Seed2Shirt means black cotton, black production, black shipping, black woman prints fulfillment partner – with full plans to utilize African American cotton farmers as they continue to grow their production ecosystem and vision.

“Our vision was clear to be a company that empowers People who’ve been traditionally marginalized, creates planet beneficial products and services for brands and corporations, and to uses the profit for good supporting programs that change the world through cotton and apparel manufacturing.” “Seed2Shirt…bringing you products that change the world” ~ Tameka Peoples


Established in 2018, Seed2Shirt vision, born out of the need for production to exist in communities of color, their vision was clear to be a company that empowers people who’ve been traditionally marginalized, to create planet beneficial products and services, uses profit for good supporting programs that change the world. So, they’ve done just that.

Providing products and services that empower the African Diaspora people, are Planet beneficial, serve a positive purpose in people’s lives, and make the world a better place. They are the first black-woman-owned vertically integrated apparel manufacturing & print on demand company in the US. Their products are ethically and sustainably manufactured from organic cotton/material from African and soon African American cotton farmers, produced at are small-batch carbon-neutral production centers in Kenya, Africa.

Seed2Shirt only offers 100% organic cotton, which is a fair-trade line of blank apparel products. The Legacy line of unisex blank t-shirts come in two styles, three color options, with multiple sizes available. The HEMP/Cotton blends line launches this fall and along with the Polo’s, Hoodies, Long-sleeves, and much more. The vertically integrated model enables us to refine, and source select for the highest quality of material and to employ the most ethical, environmental production practices.

Tameka Peoples

Founder, CEO, and managing director of Seed2Shirt is not new to entrepreneurship, leadership, and community service. After serving nearly 10 years in the Air force, this visionary and veteran-owned company has done the work of leading her consultant firm to great levels of success. Taking her company from a small-scale independent consulting firm to a supporting Omni-bus multiyear, multi-million-dollar federal contracts with global giants such as AT&T. She didn’t just stop at “solo” accomplishments and profits. It was always more than just about “profits, it was about purpose and people. Tameka is also, the visionary Founder-Board of Director/CEO of Peoples Foundation, a veteran nonprofit servicing youth, and veterans in her community, and leading national-level agricultural outreach programs for veterans, new and beginning farmers with partners like the University of Purdue- National AgrAbility Project. She practice’s what she preaches and believes, we must be the change we want to see in this

I’ll be honest, I didn’t start this line necessarily because of “fashion’s impact on the environment” … Yes, it’s true: the impact fashion has on the environment and reconnecting that is a long time coming. For me it was about why…why wasn’t there a Black-owned producer and distributor of “blank” t-shirts…why couldn’t we create a line that we could know the material was from Black-owned sources? It didn’t exist so I created ~ Tameka Peoples


Seed2Shirt — Farmer Enrichment program is the culmination of efforts dedicated and centered on the empowerment of marginalized people leading to the rebuilding of community and countering systems of inequity. The Farmer Enrichment Program empowers black, indigenous people of color (BIPOC) farmers — particularly cotton farmers in the US and Africa to earn livable wages and positively impact the global apparel production supply chain.

This program is the epitome of the firms’ motto, “It’s more than a shirt, it’s a movement,” and the program work is highlighted by a 5-year partnership with the country and cotton producers they source their cotton from — Burkina Faso. The partnership is beyond just sourcing cotton Seed2Shirt supports the farmers in mutually beneficial ways to enrich their lives with people and land at the center of their work together.

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Workshops: Organic Farming — Soil Health — Business Training
Farm Tool Program: Providing tools and supplies needed to successfully and accessibly flourish as farmers.

Women Enrichment: As a team, we aim to open doors for women through resources and opportunities they wouldn’t naturally have access to.

Soil Science: Some say we only have 20 harvests left. Our cotton farmers in Africa and US are facing extreme soil issues causing an impact to yield. Our Soil Science enhancement program works with farmers getting support, education, and resources on their soil.

Training: We are devoted to sustainability and in essence, that means making sure that black farmers can not only thrive independently succeed and build into the future. 

To learn more about Seed2Shirt and gain further information please visit

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