Sara Finney: Making Your Sunday A Wellness Standard

Dr. Pamela Gurley

When there is a passion that burns inside of you, you set it aflame no matter what you thought your destiny would be. At least that is how it was for Sara Finney, who is the founder and creator of Your Sunday, a candle company that sells more than candles.

Understanding the need for creating the perfect aromatic environment, Sara wanted her candles to provide an overall health experience. All of her products are sustainably-sourced, pure, cruelty-free, gluten-free, toxin-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free. It is certainly all about wellness.

Starting her career pursuits in film and media, she knew there was something greater for her. In an exclusive interview, Sara shares why she chose candles, what inspires the scents she chooses to create, and what makes her candle company different from others.

Dr. G: As someone with a Film and Media background, what inspired you to want to make candles and what did you do to learn about making them?

Sara: My mother was the queen of candles growing up, we had them all over the house and so it was a natural love for me that became a ritual. I would light a candle whenever I was stressed, doing some weekend deep cleaning, or just needing some self-care time. After doing a lot of online research I realized the candles we loved were not from clean brands or made with sustainable materials. I began testing my own candles after six months of Facebook group diving, YouTube tutorials, Instagram stalking, and massive deliveries of equipment. 

Dr. G: Candles are such a unique preference for ppl. How do you go about deciding on the scents you choose to make?

Sara: My scents are often inspired by a memory of mine or my growing up in California. By keeping them personal it makes it easier for me to feel encouraged and authentic when speaking on my brand and building a like-minded community. Candle fragrance tones are unique to each person, so rather than try to fulfill everyone’s needs I position us as an approachable brand to customer’s new favorites. 

Dr. G: You make and sell “clean” candles. What does this mean for those who purchase candles and not realize the dangerous chemicals in them? What should be people pay attention to when buying candles?

Sara: There is a new emphasis on eco-friendly and clean approaches to living these days so it can be confusing but becoming aware of how your favorite products are being made is actually a highlight in growing yourself and your spaces. 

Things to look for are the type of wax listed – natural waxes include soy, coconut, beeswax, palm, and vegetable waxes. Candles should be cruelty-free – we highly discourage any animal testing. Although we are no longer completely vegan based on the addition of our beeswax massage candles, they are 100% ethically sourced. Fragrances should be free of carcinogens and synthetic toxins.

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Dr. G: Other than candles, what else do you have going on? Any projects you can share?

Sara: Currently candles are our priority; however, I am hoping to continue growing to offer more homeware options and become a destination for all things clean, aesthetic, and cozy. 

Dr. G: How can ppl connect with you?

Sara: On all socials we are under @YourSundayShop and our email for any feedback or if you’d just like to connect and chat is

Let the calming begin. Visit Your Sunday now and enjoy creating the ambiance that will give you the lifestyle you need for self-care.

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