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‘Ruthless’ Breakout Star Melissa L. Williams Is Helping Others During COVID-19

‘Ruthless’ Breakout Star Melissa L. Williams Is Helping Others During COVID-19

Myra Corinthian-Patrick

“If anybody takes anything away from my story its that God is real.” – Melissa L. Williams

From landing the roles of Melissa and Ruth in Tyler Perry’s ‘The Oval’ to starring in the spin-off ‘Ruthless’ Melissa L. Williams is quickly making a name for herself and not just as a talented actress. COVID-19 has people all over the world in a state of uncertainty and there is no better time than now to show some love to those in need, which is exactly what Williams is doing via social media. Hustle & Soul caught up with the humble, beauty to hear first hand how she is making an impact in others’ lives through Instagram posts. In doing so we also learned more about her and her role in “Ruthless” which can be streamed on BET+.  

MCP: What are you doing to stay clear of COVID-19 & how are you spending your time at home?

MLW: I’m definitely wearing gloves and a facemask to stay protected. Girl, I’m actually taking a lot of vitamin C, iron, magnesium, vitamin D, turmeric making sure my immune system is good by taking vitamins and working out. There are ways at home you can do it and I highly suggest people take 30 minutes. Eating well, taking your vitamins, and working out I think can you can battle any sickness.
MCP: How has the pandemic affected work for you?

MLW: You know what’s crazy? I’ve noticed that I’m still working, taking interviews such as this, still doing auditions from home which are via self take, ya know that’s not new we’ve been doing it for a while. My show is on air and something to talk about and of the moment so nothing has really slowed down at all. 

MCP: What’s the first thing on your to-do list when this is over? 

MLW: Girl, so many things but mostly going to a gym. I didn’t know how much I missed going to the gym until it was not an option. I use to sit in the sauna listening to something or going over lines, I really enjoy that. It’s so good for your skin and health. The first thing is a good ol gym session, hit up some restaurants, then go back to work. 

MCP: There’s been a lot of buzz about your new spin-off But there’s also been talk about your willingness to give. What are you doing to help others during this difficult time?

MLW: I did go on my story, a couple of weeks ago and announced that I was going on my live. I just felt it upon my spirit to give because I’m just now in a position where I have more than I’ve ever had in my life. So I can give to some people, my family was good so I gave money to people online. I was thinking about myself and when I was a waitress which was last year, If this would’ve happened to me then, as many times as I’ve been to the grocery store, I would not have the money. I wanted to help the first 10 people that hopped on my live. It was so overwhelming there were so many people. It felt good to see that what I was doing mattered.  The Golden Globes wanna know about me now for being a good, decent person and I thought that was interesting. I’d rather be recognized first for that and then obviously my talent. 

MCP: How does it feel to go from working in a restaurant to Tyler Perry’s studios grand opening to roles on the oval and now the star of the spinoff?

MLW: It feels like God is real. You could not have told me that last year, the girl last year would be doing this. I already had my faith set that something good was going to happen in my acting career because I was already seeing the prospering things coming from it. I was like I don’t know when but I know this is the right path for me. If anybody takes anything away from my story its that God is real. There’s always these people in our lives that I feel like are angels because they always drop in words of wisdom or timely things you needed to hear. And at the time I was told that I would be in a position like this by a lot of people. Its always a stranger, family member, or friend but its a random time that you needed to hear something about the path you’re on. 

MCP: How would you describe ‘Ruthless’? 

MLW: It’s a lot! Your mouth is going to drop open, close the door, and make sure no kids are around! The show is about Ruth who is my character from ‘The Oval’ she has kidnaped her daughter and ‘Ruthless’ explains where she had taken her to in search of her best self. She takes her to the camp of the Rachdushes because she feels like she and her child need to be raised in the best human way possible. And that’s where she thinks that is, but somethings are not always as they seem, and Ruthless explains that to you. 

MCP: Many of us have heard of wild things that happen in cults and the mental state of the members. How did you prepare for your role?

MLW: I actually have some inside information from someone in my life that has experienced cult life. Also, I watched specific documentaries that were given to me from typer Perry Studios to study. With those two things I was equipt on how to play Ruth, it gave me the opportunity to do my own research and understand her myself. 

How would you describe the relationship you and your castmates have with each other?

MLW: We did a couple of press interviews for the show and a lot of feedback from the interviewers was that we gel so well together, that we’re lively and vibrant and I think that fits us well. We’re a pretty wild bunch! I think Raven Drummer and Kim Coleman did a great job of meshing us all together whether they knew it or not personality-wise and acting-wise. We get along really well. On Instagram, they posted this challenge that we decided to do together. We have a group chat and come up with fun stuff like that to keep people interested because we are a new show. Everyone is at home and has a lot of options to watch, so that was a fun way to keep the show at the top of people’s minds. 


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