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Hi Hustle and Soul Magazine readers, we’re hyped to introduce you to a hot new collaboration between two rising male R&B artists that are sure to make waves in the music industry. Zen City (Devontta & Reece) have joined forces to release two new singles titled “Can We Talk” and “Waiting.”

“Can We Talk” is a heartfelt ballad that tells the story of a relationship that has taken a turn for the worse. The artists sing about their undying love for their partner, but are unsure whether to repair the relationship or call it quits. The emotional vocals and poignant lyrics are sure to resonate with listeners who have experienced the ups and downs of love.

In contrast, “Waiting” is an upbeat, sensual track that explores the theme of intimacy. The artists encourage their partners not to keep them waiting for love, and the catchy chorus and infectious beat are sure to get fans dancing along.

Both tracks showcase the incredible talent of these two young artists and highlight their ability to craft powerful, relatable music. We believe that their music has the potential to connect with a wide audience, and we would love to work with you to help spread the word about this exciting new collaboration.

Please tell us the backstory of how Zen City came about.

Zen City: How the group came about was our manager NeJcion Davis Sought us out. He has been managing (Devonttae for 8 years and he discovered him on a train singing in Philadelphia in 2015 & Reece was discovered going viral on TikTok in 2022 being posted by boys 2 men)! He called us both to join what was supposed to be a 4 man boy band but the other 2 decided not to continue so it was decided to rock as a dynamic duo! We have been working hard ever since!

What do you enjoy most about being in the music industry?

Zen City: The ability to share our music with the world. We love having the opportunity to work with and meet other dope creatives! The lane for a R&B/Pop duo is wide open!

Describe the creative process prior to releasing your two new singles titled “Can We Talk” and “Waiting.”

Zen City: Our process was pretty easy. Our manager has built a solid team of writers and producers around us so the creative process is easy and we have some amazing records because of it!!! The best is yet to come!!!

Are any shows or additional music in the works? What exclusive news can you share with us at this time?

Zen City: Yes! We are gearing up for BET Weekend in LA. Our team is working hard to get us on some amazing shows and interviews. We also just got word that we will be doing our first daytime live interview and performance on TV! We have another single dropping in June called Levels!

What are some must-have items you need when you are in the studio?

Zen City: Oh boy! We love to snack, we need chips, water, and juice and we can do some wings too! And we need great vibes at all times!

What do you like to do when you’re not in the studio or creating music?

Zen City: In our downtime, we hang out with the bros, play video games, hit the mall, go out to eat and we are gamers too!

What impact do you aspire to make in the music industry?

Zen City: We want to give the industry something they thought was dead! Real talent vocals and R&B and we want to leave a mark!!!

What advice would you have for aspiring music artists?

Zen City: If this is something you really want to do, go hard or go home and remember the “No” prepares you for when the “Yes” comes!!!

More on Zen City

Zen City is the recently discovered dynamic duo dominating the industry with every release. Sumpter, SC shining star Reece and Lancaster, PA’s leading talent Tae make up the booming band and are ready to bring their versatile vibes to the forefront. Their trailblazing talent has an indelible impact on today’s pop culture. With serenading soulful sounds from Reese blended with a versatile sound made up of Gospel Trap melodic R&B vibes that resonate with a wide range audience. Since stepping into the spotlight, they’ve changed the face of modern music forever, and it all began with their explorative blends of sounds and pioneering style. Both artists began pursuing a passion for music at a young age. In doing so, they honed their craft and began taking their talents seriously. Which their skills got them discovered by their manager, NeJcion J Davis. Since then, they’ve collaborated with label mates Dash Mylo and Callamar amongst others that are on the way! Their combined creativity is not just inspired by music, but as content creators and creatives, which has also helped them cope with the world. As a result, they utilize their talents to curate relatable records and promising projects.

Keep up to date: @zencityofficially

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