“QUEEN SUGAR” STAR, DONDRÉ WHITFIELD, SET TO CO-HOST  GROUNDBREAKING FAITH-BASED MOVEMENT, GREAT LOVE WHERE ART THOU?The inaugural  Great Love Where Art Thou? experience will feature transparent conversation and impactful coaching that will help women and men enhance relationships and pursue the great love that they deserve.
(CHICAGO, IL) September 26, 2019: There’s an old song that sings, “What the world needs now is LOVE…” and one groundbreaking, faith-based movement has just made an exciting announcement that will help women and men to find it! They are Dunamis Woman, and on Saturday, October 26, 2019, they will host their inaugural Great Love Where Art Thou? LIVE event in Chicago at the popular  CityPoint Loft (2345 South Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60616) from 6PM – 9PM. Presented by transformational life coach and speaker, Davetta “Dee” Collins, the experience will feature veteran TV actor and motivational speaker, Dondré Whitfield (Queen Sugar), who will join in transparent conversation and impactful coaching that is sure to enhance life, love and relationships.
“We are so excited to have Dondré participate in this experience,” shares Dee. “Because men and women have so many common desires when it comes to life and relationships – to be affirmed, adored, appreciated and admired – it was important for us to have a trusted male voice who was authentic, transparent and passionate enough to help unpack common conflicts that prevent men and women from experiencing great love in their lives.”
“Being a part of this event is extremely important because it will serve to inform women about the difference between being in a relationship where someone takes from you or a relationship where someone adds to you,” says Dondré. “Events like this are extremely important because they serve to give us the necessary information for us to live our best lives through relationships and being communal.”
Great Love Where Art Thou? is already positioned as one of the most compelling LIVE events to unite women and men (single, married, or divorced) who are ready to take their relationships to the next level. Complete with light hors d’oeuvres, a wine bar, raffle prizes, autographed books and more, attendees can expect a welcoming and intimate, judgement-free zone with an insightful fireside chat and audience Q&A that will provide the necessary space to grow, heal, restore and build confidence. Dee adds, “This event will be filled with truth and helpful strategies on how to overcome obstacles faced in marriage, dating and single living, so that one may leave with the tools they need to pursue the great love that they deserve.” Great Love Where Art Thou? has limited seating and will sell out fast! VIP and general admission tickets are available now and can be purchased online.

For more details and registration, visit http://bit.ly/greatevent2019

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ABOUT DONDRÉ WHITFIELDVeteran TV actor Dondré T. Whitfield is a three-time Emmy nominee and best known for his role as Remy Newell on the critically acclaimed series Queen Sugar, created and produced by Golden Globe-nominee Ava DuVernay and co-executive produced by Oprah Winfrey on the OWN Network. It is his role as husband, father and mentor that Dondré considers the role of a lifetime. Off-camera, he is passionate about helping address the challenges and pressures of masculine identity in the 21st century and co-created The Manhood Tour, a global movement committed to awakening the consciousness of men, giving them the keys to effective and impactful leadership, and teaching them how to tap into their talents and live them in the highest degree. Dondré Whitfield and his wife, actress and director, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, live in Los Angeles with their two children.
ABOUT DAVETTA “DEE” COLLINSAs the founder of Dunamis Woman Enterprise, LLC., and creator of the upcoming Healing for My Soul Tour, Davetta “Dee” Collins is a true servant leader at heart. Known for her slogan “Dee Speaks, You Think,” Dee is a never-before-seen blend of boldness, strength, and power who has availed herself as a transformational life and relationship coach to many women and men. She coaches from a clinical, spiritual, yet practical, perspective on how to heal from past mistakes, infidelity, rejection, broken relationships, fears and doubts that hinder them from understanding their greatness and the power they possess. Dee is the author of Great Man Where Art Thou? The Silent Cry of a Woman’s HeartHow to Pray with Power on Purpose and The Dunamis Within. She has also been the host of various shows, including Dee Speaks, You Think (Rolling Out) and Dunamis Woman Today (AIB-TV), and has been a featured guest on WATC‘s Atlanta Live and Friends & Neighbors.
ABOUT DUNAMIS WOMAN ENTERPRISE, LLCDunamis Woman Enterprise, LLC. is a movement that guides and coaches over 10,000 women across the nation on how to heal within their soul so they may transform their life and relationships, while igniting their power through prayer and spiritual warfare! Founded to leave a legacy, Dunamis Woman is spearheaded by DaVetta “Dee” Collins and her daughters, Ariel and Allison Fuller, whom together impact and inspire generations of women to walk boldly in the truth of who they are. The I Am A…Dunamis Woman movement causes every woman to ignite God’s dunamis power within and provides kingdom teachings, life coaching, events and courses that educate, empower and equip each woman to understand her greatness and the power she possesses to build up her legacy, unite her home and community, restore her marriage and uplift the men around her.FOLLOW DUNAMIS WOMAN