Penelope McCown Celebrates Motherhood With Her Launch of Cocoa Baby Love

It’s an exciting feeling to become a mother and embrace the journey of motherhood. And as with all mothers, there are some items they desired to have for themselves or their little ones to make the journey easier and healthier but never had the opportunity to get. So what do you do? Well, mothers, who are innate businesswomen, like Penelope McCown takes the inspiration of motherhood coupled with resourcefulness and get to creating. McCown is the creator of Cocoa Baby Love which is an organic, eco-friendly product line for your baby’s needs. 

Cocoa Baby Love successfully launched their infant and toddler products and apparel this past February. From silicone bibs, eco-friendly feeding ware, and more (which you will find out in a few), mothers are sure to have their needs met. However, the beauty of this brand is the celebration of the victory of motherhood and providing a unique representation of African American infants and toddlers. The story behind the creation of such a luxurious brand is worth championing as Mrs. Penelope McCown has overcome her own struggles to conceive and give birth. And below you get a chance to learn more about the victorious journey that many embark on and the launch of Cocoa Baby Love. 

Check out the interview below. 

It is such an honor to be able to gain more insight into you. I read a brief synopsis of how amazing you are but for those readers who have aren’t familiar with you and what you do, can you share a little background information?

I am Penelope McCown – a wife, a mother, a nurse practitioner by trade, and a mompreneur! I was inspired by my infertility struggles and by my journey to motherhood to create Cocoa Baby Love, LLC. Cocoa Baby Love is both a platform to bring awareness to infertility in African American women as well as a product line – a luxury brand of infant and toddler products and luxe diaper bags for moms.

Through my platform my goal is to bring awareness to infertility in the African American community, so that black women who struggle to conceive in any way won’t have to suffer in silence as I did (and many black women do) through my journey. Through my product line, I celebrate African American children and motherhood- my greatest victory!

I am incredibly blessed that I was able to find my purpose through my pain and I know that my purpose is to now show other black women that as well. And to encourage them. So that is what I strive to do.

Did becoming a mother inspire you to create Cocoa Baby Love, LLC? And I ask this because I have seen (and heard) mothers become resourceful because what they desired and what they need are nowhere to be found on the market.

Motherhood is my greatest joy and accomplishment and it absolutely inspired me to create my brand. Through my difficult and painful journey to conception and finally becoming a mother I was inspired to start Cocoa Baby Love. After the birth of Priya, my daughter, I realized that the true purpose of my struggles was to create this brand. My brand is heavily inspired by my child, my journey to motherhood, and my actual experiences as a mother. As it was incredibly difficult for me to have a child, it impacted the type of mother that I am today.  This has also inspired the products which I carry in my line – such as eco-friendly feeding ware and organic cotton onesies as I only wanted things for my daughter that were clean and non-toxic. So I made these items a part of my product line. I am also naturally a woman who likes luxurious and nice things and in motherhood, I am no different! So I was inspired to create luxe, vegan leather bags for moms. I want moms to feel good and I wanted to celebrate motherhood! Especially after my difficult journey to become a mom.

It is stated that the Cocoa Baby Love, LLC, brand continues to focus on celebration, empowerment, and the fact that African American children are beautiful, powerful, loved, and are truly gifts. In what ways are these focal points expressed?

This is done in several ways. First, when one visits the Cocoa Baby Love website or social media pages, the faces of gorgeous African American children are seen! Also, these focal points are throughout the brand. On my silicone bibs they read “So Amazing”, “So Adored” and “So Brilliant”. When naming the colors used in my brand, I named them “Beloved”, “Cherished” and “Gifted”. This was instead the traditional name for the colors (pink, blue, and yellow). As my brand continues to grow, I will continue to expound on these principles – using words and phrases that celebrate and encourage our children. Also, my line consists of specialty onesies that are designed after my daughter but by design are meant to represent all African American children. Their names are “Brave”, “Unstoppable” and “Unique” – all of which are descriptions that encourage our children.

As a woman, how does it feel to not only be a mother but a businesswoman, in a world that already desires women to play it safe? And what do you hope that your daughter gleans from seeing you in this light?

I love this question because this means so much to me. Because I am an African American women who is a mom and businesswoman and I am expected to play it safe, I am extremely proud that I am just the opposite. Especially because in business African American women are looked upon as the minority because many times we are. However, I consider it a “flex” to be a mother and businessman. And black women at that.

I truly believe that my daughter will know that I am paving the way for her – by showing her that it is possible to be a boss. No matter what society says or thinks. It means everything to me to show her that Cocoa Baby Love exists because of her. I tell her that, and frequently. She is now 3 years old, but even at age 2 I made sure to tell her and I know that she understands. And my daughter already knows what Cocoa Baby Love is. She simply sees the logo and excitedly says “Cocoa Baby Love!” It melts my heart.

But above all, I know she is watching me and my every move and that inspires me to be the best version of myself.

How can individuals purchase Cocoa Baby Love LLC products and stay abreast of new launches?

To purchase from Cocoa Baby Love, gain fertility facts and insights, or simply join an amazing tribe of moms and inspiring moms, visit Also, follow Cocoa Baby Love on Facebook and Instagram.

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