Paul K. Nutall: Using His Second Chance to Give Others A Second Chance

When you go through life with significant highs and significant lows, you value and see the world differently. From those you lose or walk away when you are down to those you gain that are more significant and more important on your way back up. At least that has been the experience for the Founder and CEO of 2ndChance Production company, Paul Nutall, whose past has been nothing short of challenges and wins. This is also what inspired his new FOX show “2nd Chance Saves Lives.”

“2nd Chance Saves Lives” is a testament to the kindness of humanity as we aim to give individuals, who would otherwise solely rely on government assistance, a leg up,” said 2nd Chance Saves Lives Founder, Paul Nutall. “We are helping people who have lost hope entirely, that believe they will never find the help they desperately need. Thank you to Fox Network for giving us the opportunity to literally change the course of their lives for the better.”

I had the esteemed pleasure to converse with Paul to learn all about his new show.

Each of the 12 episodes for Season One of “2nd Chance Saves Lives” centers around a story from a roster of culturally diverse, deserving individuals who are facing some form of adversity in their lives, including those in need of organ transplants, stem cell therapy treatments, child and foster care services, disease prevention, prison reform, drug and rehab help, homelessness, serious legal troubles, disaster recovery, unemployment, and financial assistance, and so much more. To defeat the feeling of surrender and isolation, the show gives exposure and assists in building relationships between people who need help and individuals across the country who want to offer support, by sharing the stories of overcoming hardships and transforming their quality of life.

“The production team has worked to remove obstacles from so many individuals who are just looking for a break and a chance at happiness,” said 2nd Chance Saves Lives Co-founder, Tiffany Nutall. “The greatest impact of this show is that we are able to help remove the obstacles in the way of that happiness. Times are tough and there are so many Americans out there looking to give their fellow man a helping hand — we’re giving them the ability to do so.”

More to come on what I know will soon be the number one hit show on the FOX Network. Set to air on Saturday from 8-9 pm.

Dr. Pamela Gurley

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