Paris La Don’s Mission to Empower Upcoming Talent in the Fashion Industry, One Bold Design at a Time

Paris La Don has established himself as a famed fashion designer and choreographer in Los Angeles, but his origins are rooted in Detroit, Michigan. As a child, Paris showed a natural affinity for the arts and leadership. After his family moved to Michigan, he discovered a passion for dance and decided to pursue it professionally. He trained in ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and tap, and his efforts paid off when he was awarded two full scholarships and started competing with groups on TV.

Paris’s television appearances motivated him to pursue choreography. He worked with Detroit’s prominent artists through Star Factory Artist Development. Although he didn’t make it to the Vegas rounds, his career took a new direction when he received an invitation from a friend to audition for a secret performance opportunity representing America at the World Expo in Beijing, China.

While in China, Paris’s interest in Asian fashion and culture grew, leading him to change the course of his career. He founded his own brand, HOUSEOFLADON, which quickly became popular overseas. He became a VOGUE China Magazine contributor and presented his collection at MBFW. His success prompted him to return to Los Angeles, where he connected with Ivan Bitton, worked with Beyoncé’s stylist Ty Hunter, and gained the support of renowned choreographer Brian Friedman.

Paris’s fashion style is vibrant, daring, and unconventional, and he believes that fashion should be enjoyable and expressive. He has amassed a large following over the years and enjoys working with upcoming talent, helping others in Los Angeles and the Midwest break into the fashion industry. He has been featured in numerous publications, including Paper Magazine, Fashion Bomb Daily, and Focus On Dalian Magazine, and his billboards have been on display throughout Los Angeles. Although his journey has been lengthy, Paris La Don remains appreciative of his success and is ready for what’s next.

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