NYC Serial Entrepreneur DJ Xotic Mami helps grieving families by paying for Nine Covid- 19 Funerals.

Tough times don’t last, strong people do! As a serial Entrepreneur my relationship with my community is most important to me. When I heard about the recent Covid19 passing’s, I knew it was my duty to bring some relief to their families. I have lost close friends to Covid-19, and I know how much pain these families are in. I started off helping one family and then I kept hearing about more. The number I have assisted is up to nine now, and I’m not sure I am done. I move how God leads me, says DJ Xotic Mami. I hope that my support will encourage other entrepreneurs to also help out when they can. These are times when we really need to call on each other.

About DJ Xotic Mami:

Niccol Martin, better known as DJ Xotic Mami has definitely carved out a lane for herself as a successful entrepreneur in media. The details of her life are no secret, and a clear foundation for the many endeavors and projects she has been able to curate and facilitate over the years, Niccol Martin (Fashion and Accessory Line), Niccol Martin Financial and Credit Repair, Niccol Productions INC. (Multimedia Production Company.), Xtreme Vibe TV (ROKU Television Network also on Amazon Prime), Xtreme104FM (Internet Radio Station with a current listenership of over 3.9 Million) , Black Billionaire Network (The Black Business Marketplace) Xtreme Future (TV/Film Production Mentoring Program), The Femcee Cypher League (All Female MC Cypher) The Business of Labels Music Conference and Panel, Baws Business Consultants (Celebrity Entertainment, Media and Marketing Firm) My Five Now (Technology Company); I Am Wrongfully Convicted (Prison Reform), The Community Hope Foundation (501c3 Non-Profit Organization which services the street homeless and returning citizens), House of Xtreme (Community Center and Event Venue) are all the pieces that make up the brand of this go -getter! Entertainment and business are the key touch points of her growing empire, while building a complete name for herself, Xotic serves as the perfect example of the “get back”!

“My upbringing wasn’t the best and because of that I vowed to break the cycle which helped shape the individual I am Today; every moment I wanted something but couldn’t have it helped shaped everything that I decided to do in pursuit of getting it.  Without the support that is afforded to most people, Xotic used her journey as a huge source of inspiration, because, after all, you can either let it make or break you! Her most recent independent platform serves as a testament to her hard work over the years, “XtremeVibeTV an African American female owned television network on Roku. In 6 months XtremeVibeTV has amassed over 560k subscribers and almost 1 million total streaming time. “

Crediting powerhouses like Tyler Perry as her ultimate inspiration, Xotic has made no secret of her hardest roadblock to success, as a young mother. It changed her perspective on life and shifted her focus to positivity and personal growth. Although life didn’t necessarily hand her the greatest deck of cards, Xotic says the biggest change is being able to make smarter choices as an adult. Making decisions with her best interest at heart prevented circumstances from dictating her journey. As for regrets? There are none.

“Although I’ve had painful moments, I am currently the best version of myself possible”

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