Norman Simmons: Changing The Game of Entrepreneurship

Having passion is one thing? Using it as a driving force for success is something totally different. And this is what makes “serial-preneur”, Norman Simmons different. Success looks like a lot of different things for this business mogul; however, one thing that looks all the same are the risks he is willing to take to create the legacy he wants for himself.

I had the pleasure of interviewing this business mogul about his success and his passion for creating space for other entrepreneurs and the communities he services.

Dr. G.: You are a serialpreneur and your businesses are not one-dimensional. All businesses spark from passion(s). Which one of your companies would you say ignites your passion the most?

Norman: Serial entrepreneur is correct, although I’m more of a serial philanthropist. I’ve spent the last 6 years with developing my favorite company GameTime Hydration, which is a nonprofit/For Profit company focus on integrating technology & Health & wellness to Education & Collegiate sports.

Dr. G.: You have created an enormous legacy for yourself. What has it taken to get to where you are?

Norman: I’ve had a lot of ups and downs with business (more ups than downs) but during the down times I learn to do something a lot of entrepreneurs can’t do…pivot.  In business knowing how to pivot in an industry could mean life and death to your company. At one point, due to all of the pivoting, I ended up with ten companies operating in order to become independently successful in one industry. Learning the ins and outs of that industry a lot more than a person who’s looking for a consumer.

Dr. G.: Let’s talk about The Simmons Group. What inspired the creation of such an influential company?

Norman: I started the Simmons group to create an incubator system for those companies to grow while developing until their ready for the market not only the product but the corporate development of that product. My self along with The Simmons group team have a job of managing the technology and success turnaround of the vested companies. The Simmons group was enviable. I started noticing companies in different sectors that just needed a push and some infrastructure to become seven and eight-figure opportunity ROI. I can see the blue print of an entire industry all components that keeps it functional.

Dr. G.: Why do you choose that to be your favorite?

Norman: I love children and sports. We tossed in technology as a gift to the education system facelift with our tech that allows faculty to reach students via our sponsorship monitors that are replacing PA systems around the nation. Now teachers can go “live” in hallways across America to communicate. It’s all a part of our new way to sponsors athletics.  “Feel good, look good, communicate good.”

Dr. G.: How do you balance all of your businesses and what is important to you as you find that balance?

Norman: I view business more as a sport I play hard, and I desire to become the best in the league. The balance for me is always when I have an opportunity to return home to my family. Every time I leave home it’s like I’m walking on the court to perform. 

Dr. G.: What advice would you give entrepreneurs to access venture capital for their start-ups?

Norman: Accessing venture capital for star ups is a lot more complicated than advertised. What we look for at this level is a polished company, business model, financial etc. but most important great management or founders who are business  professionals. Less infrastructure  work needed outside of the capital that’s wanted the better. Focus on making sure your model is in order. 

Dr. G.: What is next for you?

Norman: I’m releasing a business book series: Billion Dollar Decor (how big companies stop you from being great by using decors), Invisible Inc. (how to be invisible and own companies), and Trillion Dollar Babies (PPP/SBA boomers).

 Dr. G.: Well, we wish you well on your continued success and cannot wait to see everything manifest for you.

Dr. Pamela Gurley

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Dr. Pamela Gurley is a Professional Speaker, Media Journalist, and Author. She has been featured in Forbes; on Good Morning Washington, Good Day Atlanta, and others.

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