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Meet Miami native Nia Amber. Nia is stepping in her own lane and bringing a fresh, new sound to the RnB & Pop scene. Her sweet melodic tone and sexy dance moves has her fans craving for more. Nia Amber began singing at the tender age of 6. It was then that she discovered her love for music and dance. Nia was introduced to the arts by her mom and decided that music and dance were where she was most comfortable expressing herself. 

Nia Amber used music and dance to build confidence and courage. With musical influences such as Beyonce, Brandy, Michael Jackson, Destiny Child, and Mariah Carey, Nia was determined to become a Superstar and to share her story with the world.

In 2018, Nia Amber was recognized and embraced by the legendary Trina (The Baddest Bitxh). As Nia Amber’s mentor, Trina provides guidance, support, and a wealth of opportunity for the young artist to soar. In February 2019, Nia released her first single, No More and it racked up more than 100,000 streams. Her catalog of features includes talented artists such as Trina, Ball Greezy, Major Nine, 93 Purpose, and many more.

We’ve obtained an exclusive interview with Nia to learn about her career, the latest single titled, “F**KD UP, and more. 

Please tell us what your new single “F**KD UP is about.

Nia: F*cked up is based on a real-life situation and relationship that I experienced. I was cheated on and betrayed, especially with my trust, so I channeled those emotions in my artistry and this song was created.

They really just had me F* cked up! This song is very personal to me because it speaks word for word about my experience in that situation. And there are many people in the world that can relate, or may be experiencing now silently.

How has the experience been so far working with Rockstarr Music Group and Hip Hop Legend, Trina?

Nia: It’s been a dope experience! One of the most significant assets that Trina instills is to ensure I am also gaining knowledge about the business side of the music industry. I’ve been able to touch so many major stages early on in my career, and that’s a huge blessing! She’s always dropping gems on me and encouraging me to keep going, even in the difficult moments. To have a legend from my city cosign me is MAJOR!

I am eager to grow and stand firmly and consistently in my own reign, so I take every opportunity in with the utmost value.

What inspired you to enter the music industry?

Nia: Growing up in Miami, I’ve always been surrounded by dance and music. My mom was in a female group that inspired me to be in one. Many people don’t know that I started my music career as one part of a girl group. I definitely learned a lot from that experience, but things didn’t work out as planned so I decided to leap and pursue my dreams as a solo artist.

What have been some of the most memorable moments in your career so far?

Nia: April 2023, I was featured on Trina’s epic NPR Tiny Desk performance. And opening for K. Michelle was a major moment for me! Being able to share the stage with such a talented woman of color like me was unreal who shares the same love for rhythm and blues, soul, and powerful music. Another memorable moment was performing at Rap Caviar with Trina. I was able to meet so many successful ladies in music like Doja Cat and Meg the Stallion. I have so many moments that has molded me into a better version of Nia Amber as a woman rising in the industry.

What impact do you aspire to make in the music industry?

Nia: I aspire to show the world who Nia Amber is! Make relatable music that my audience and the world will connect with. I want to be a timeless artist who makes music with meaning and purpose. And bring it to life on stages worldwide.

What else are you currently working on?

Nia: I’m currently finishing the final pieces of my debut EP that drops Summer 2023. The project will feature 7 tracks, and it is a ride of emotions that you can drive to, dance to, or sip a glass of wine to in your own space and connect with. Honestly, I’m so excited about this project because I’ve been waiting for some time to drop a body of work. This project is special to me. I really put my heart into this one.

What is a super fun fact about yourself that many people are not aware of?

Nia: I’m so goofy and funny, lol, I’m probably the goofiest person you’ll ever meet. I love to laugh and make jokes.

What advice would you have for aspiring music artists?

Nia: Keep going! This career that we chose is a hard one yet fulfilling. You’re gonna have ups and downs, but always stay the course and be you! Ignore the outside noise! Timing is everything. Consistency is essential, and don’t be afraid of your own light!

How can we keep up to date with you on social media?

Nia: You guys can follow me on all social media platforms @iamniaamber and you can find my single F*cked up along with my other music on all Streaming platforms under Nia Amber. Thank y’all for having me!

More on Nia Amber

In 2020, Nia Amber released her smash single “Swing My Way” with an upbeat, feel-good vibe that has over 175,000 streams. Her latest release D.A. (2022) is a sexy ballad that displays the sultry side of Nia Amber. Nia Amber plans to make her debut to the world with her sweet tone, melodic sound, and sexy dance moves. Her passion and love for music is driven by her PURPOSE (NIA) to touch the soul of the people through her artistry. Stay Tuned as Nia Amber prepares to take the music industry by storm. Follow her on her journey to SUCCESS!

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