Next Level Beautiful CEO Tawanda Usher Amplifies Her Voice and Reach to Push Women to THEIR next!

Women were always destined to break glass ceilings. At times we look at those glass ceilings as obstacles that cannot be overcome instead of a challenge to show us just how strong we are in order to break it, but nonetheless, destined to break them. The issue becomes when we realize that we cannot break them on our current level. That’s when we feel defeated and afraid. It takes work. It takes diligence. It takes patience. It takes perseverance. It takes discipline. But before we move forward it’s important to understand my glass ceiling may not look like your glass ceiling, and that’s okay. No matter how small or grand the glass ceiling may be, it is your glass ceiling to break. And although we champion the woman who breaks them, we ignore the power we possess to break them ourselves. It’s dangerous not to see what we truly possess.

And don’t get me wrong, the next level looks scary when we don’t have the woman power behind us empowering, enlightening, and encouraging us to tap into our own abilities. Yes we are accountable to our own growth but sometimes having that extra push can help us see the bigger picture of why we’re plowing in the first place. Having that extra push reminds us of the beauty that we as women possess. Having that extra push reminds us of the power that we possess. Who better to push you than a woman who understands the work and the beauty of the next level to position yourself to break every glass ceiling that you were ordained to break? Being a woman doesn’t negate you from success, it actually empowers you. 

I spoke with Next Level Beautiful CEO Tawanda Usher. She broke down empowerment, and what it looks like to get to your next, and so much more to ensure beautiful, powerful women (even if you don’t see yourself as that now) get to the place of triumph where nothing can hold you back. Check it out below. 

Ashley Shaunte Empowerment is defined as, “authority or power given to someone to do something” and “the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights”. Given these meanings, what does empowerment as a woman look like to you?

Tawanda Usher One of my favorite gifts to release is empowering women to experience self-worth and embrace their ability to determine their own choices. Pouring from a place of “You Can” gives women strength, courage, and confidence. It’s a humbling feeling unlocking the power to empower great women and push them to the Next Level of their life journey. When women are unlocked by being empowered through power and the authority to speak a word of life into them then they blossom their right to influence social change for themselves and others.

Ashley Shaunte Women tend to ignore the power within to possess the beauty that they always had, to possess their rightful place that was already given because of fear or whatever the case may be. Have you ever had an experience where you had to choose between what you perceived to be true and what was the absolute truth in regards to your life?

Tawanda Usher Absolutely! When people see me now, they see the person that I am currently. They see the smile, they see the joy, they see everything that now makes me Co-Pastor Tawanda Usher, Next Level Beautiful CEO, but what they don’t see was the process that I had to endure in order to end up where I am right now. At one time I thought or perceived that it wouldn’t be as difficult to obtain some of the goals that I dreamed of, but the truth of the matter is, hard work and diligence was and is entirely necessary to achieve my desired outcome.

Ashley Shaunte You have a mantle for the next level but how do you translate that to that woman who can’t seem to look pass the now? 

Tawanda Usher I tell women all the time, your Now can confuse your Next. Why? Because what you sometimes see in the now can be discouraging and can cause discomfort. You have to encourage yourself by speaking into your Next movement. When you are building forward, a builder always sees the finished product even when looking at bricks, nails, wood, and rocks. When you continue to build forward and push, understand that you will not be where you are, tomorrow.  

Ashley Shaunte Many times women feel intimidated by what they can do and in return, they forfeit the history or the herstory, since it’s women’s month, they can make. For that woman looking to forfeit, what do you say to her?

Tawanda Usher I say to her, keep pushing, keep believing, keep pressing, keep persevering! Anything worth having is worth fighting for and going after. It’s going to take hard work, it’s going to take diligence, it’s going to take focus and sacrifice, but if you forfeit, you will never arrive!

Ashley Shaunte If you were to look in the mirror now and see your past, your now, and your future self, what would you say to each individual?

Tawanda Usher I would say to my past self, thank you for teaching me valuable lessons that will never be forgotten. Thank you for not giving up when times got difficult and the struggle was real. To my now self, I would say, “You Got This!” You are enough. You are smart. You have what it takes to make it.  You have enough strength to endure. I would remind myself of the scripture, (Jeremiah 29:11) For I know plans that I have for you, saith the Lord, plans to prosper you and give you a future and a hope.” I would tell the ‘Now’ me and the ‘Next’ me, “Keep Plowing, You Got This!” 

Ashley Shaunte Many know that you are a minister – you’re a pastor, a prophet, and you’re married to a pastor, but you’re also a businesswoman. Have you ever had those moments that you felt like you did not belong in that particular field because you’re a woman? And how did you surpass that feeling?

Tawanda Usher I have always felt that if God sent me into a particular place, he would prepare and sustain me.  As a matter of fact, because I am a woman it caused me to strive even more to accomplish the goals that had been set before me! The fact that I am a woman did not deter me in any way to stop going after the things that my heart desired and that I knew were absolutely obtainable! The encouragement and support from my husband also assisted me in striving for more.

Ashley Shaunte Do you have anything in place or coming up for women who feel as if the next level is too glamorous for their life, who feel like the odds are forever against them, and they feel as if they have no way to possess the beauty because of the pain of defeat is so deafening, and the rejection is never-ending, and they can never get the job they want or have a seat at the table? Is there anything in place for those women to level up? 

Tawanda Usher The Next Level Institute School will be open for registration soon. This will be an Exclusive  Mentorship Program that takes women from where they are and plow them into the Next Level, to assist women in realizing their self-worth and causing them to know that if they can believe it, then they can achieve it! In closing, for every woman that will read this, let me encourage you! You are enough! What God has placed on the inside of you was meant to be birthed. Yes, things may have transpired in your life in the past, but you should not allow your past to dictate your future! The rejection that you may have experienced is going to be the catalyst that pushes you in to your success! Your seat is secured at the table. Keep building; nothing will stop your progress. 

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