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Music Sensation Alexis Ray Parker New Video “Waste My Time” Out Now

Music Sensation Alexis Ray Parker New Video “Waste My Time” Out Now

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Alexis Ray Parker is a singer, songwriter, and actress born in Pine Bluff, AR, and raised in Conway, AR. Following in the footsteps of her musical family, Alexis drew inspiration from the beautiful voice of her mother and began singing at the age of two. Performing in several talent shows across the south, as she matured so did her gift. With a love for battle rap as her foundation for lyrical composition, Alexis wrote her first song in the second grade and continues to provide musical adventures with her voice and pen. like those on her 2020 EP With Love, Alexis Ray Parker, in 2020. Alexis’ accolades include placements in 2 Minutes of Fame, working with Ja’Niyah (Bread Gang Music Group; MoneyBagg Yo), and being the First Lady of Change the Game Records, LLC.

Recently Alexis was featured in We Empower Magazine and on Vocal Media.

Check out her new video “Waste My Time” here:

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