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Although we are in a pandemic and many businesses have slowed down a lot, the music industry seems to still flourish. It could be because music speaks directly to you. It makes you want to move. It reminds you that you’re that boss! It caresses the soul. 

The music industry is ever changing yet will never leave. And for many new artists and even established artists it can be difficult to find a sound that is relevant to the times that we’re in. I spoke with Producer, Influencer, and Artist, Lucky Boi and got his take on the industry and just how important music is to life. Check it out below. 

Ashley Shaunte Assuming Lucky Boi isn’t your name, how did it come about? 

Lucky Boi One of my dearest friends and bandmate that has since passed on, gave me the name Lucky Boi. Through every challenge I have faced, I always overcome and push through. 

Ashley Shaunte Music speaks to the heart and to ensure that happens what does a normal process for creating music look like for you? 

Lucky Boi A typical process for me when creating music begins with my climate and the energy around me. I create music that not only has a divine meaning and relevant subject matter, but my music also comes from a place of touching all people from every aspect of life in a positive and meaningful way.

Ashley Shaunte How important is it to create songs that speak to life? 

Lucky Boi My music derives from realness- speaking life and focusing on the positive energy no matter what is going on. As an artist, your sound should have depth and be filled with as much character and color as possible. My music is a ministry in the sense, I want to reach people through melodic melodies. My focus is inspiring people and I do that through my music.

Ashley Shaunte In today’s era, do you think people respect and embrace songs that push the limits? 

Lucky Boi No disrespect to anyone, but I see today’s music focused on sex, violence, and drugs which I refuse to embrace. I do not think people for the long-haul embrace nor respect songs that push limits simply because of the lack of substance. When you create your sound, it’s a part of the legacy of your brand you are creating. I want my legacy to be positive and refined that anyone can relate to it and its tone is positive and mature.

Ashley Shaunte What do you want the world to get from your music? 

Lucky Boi I pray that the world views my music as a reflection of meaningful and filled with substance with a positive message.

To connect with Lucky Boi follow him on Instagram @countryboiluck

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