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It’s our pleasure to put under your radar music artists that you should know with Hustle and Soul. Kenny J. Wilkins’ dedication and hard work have led to numerous opportunities and collaborations with respected artists in the industry. He is not only a former member of the group RIFF, but he is also a Producer, Writer, Engineer, and Solo Artist. Kenny is currently working on projects for himself and others.

Most recently Kenny released his single Love Is All We Need which can be found on all streaming platforms along with his rendition of John Legends’ “All Of Me”. More singles and albums are on the way. With his undeniable talent and passion for music, Kenny J. Wilkins is poised for great success in the coming years.

Please tell us about all the things happening in the professional world of Kenny J. Wilkins as of late.

Kenny: Well, all things happening in the professional world is Kenny J. Wilkins which includes more music, fashion (clothing line), content (social media) touring, collaborations, public speaking engagements & business ventures.

What projects are you working on for yourself and others?

Kenny: Well, just the other day I got some tracks for a Philly writer I’ll be working on. I’m also working on something for myself to be released soon.. all the work I love to do!!

You play many instruments including drums, keyboard, organ, and bass guitar. Which is your favorite to play and what was the hardest to learn?

Kenny: Yes, if I had to pick keyboards would be my favorite because that instrument encompasses all the others.

As a Producer, Writer, Engineer, and Solo Artist which has become the most meaningful to you and why?

Kenny: For me, all are important because without any of them, it wouldn’t be as effective. The producer would be the best because “The Producer” kind of guides the ship.

Can we expect any live performances from you soon? If so, when?

Kenny: Yes, I’m currently preparing for tour dates as we speak. We’re in talks now and we’ll have some dates out soon for events happening late this year.

What do you aspire to obtain while in the music industry?

Kenny: I aspire to obtain the conscious ear of the public to spread love and positivity.

What else would you like us to know at this time?

Kenny: Please keep love flowing. It’s the energy that our world needs. It’s something that we want individually but we can’t want it and not give it. Love has to be a part of our lives. What can make this world better; Love!

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