Music Artist LALoveTheBoss to Drop First Single, “Monkey,” in May 2021

Looking for the next banger to add to your summer playlist? LALoveTheBoss has you covered, as she is set to release her first single, “Monkey,” this summer. With 3.6 million followers on Instagram and a long-standing music career already under her belt at only 25 years old, the rap artist’s debut is expected to impress hip-hop fans and industry music moguls alike. If you think women can’t rap, then don’t put money where your mouth is and listen as the rising star takes the music scene by storm. She’s bringing a whole new energy to the world of female hip-hop.

LALoveTheBoss is more than a triple threat. She’s a music artist, influencer, actress, model, fitness/lifestyle expert, and entrepreneur. Don’t ask her to apologize for her personality, looks, or talent, either. The out-there artist takes pride in embracing her natural beauty, bold personality, and sexuality through photo and video content, as well as through her music.

She even points out her mission to go against the status quo in the lyrics of her new single. “Knock the monkey out the box, I’m unorthodox,” she raps in the first verse of the beat-bumping hit.

LALoveTheBoss’s unapologetic lyrics and the bass-heavy beats in her latest song release perfectly showcase her confidence and talent. LALoveTheBoss is set to release her new single, “Monkey,” on May X, 2021. The single is produced by Darius “Deezle” Harrison and Eric “88Fingaz” Parham for The BoxBangers Productions, and it’s written by the artist herself, LALoveTheBoss. Stay tuned for a hit you’ll be listening to on repeat all season.

Hustle and Soul Magazine got an exclusive interview with LALoveTheBoss.

How has your journey been so far as a woman in the music industry? 

LALoveTheBoss: My journey being a woman in a male dominated Industry has not been easy. But it all comes with the territory. People don’t always have the best intentions even those whom you are doing business with. I’ve stood my ground even till today, only the strong survive. 

What types of messages do you try to send through your music?

LALoveTheBoss: The type of message I send through my music not “Try” because when you try it’s ambiguous and not for certain. I always make it a point in my music to lead my women fan base to know that it’s okay to be sexy and still a Boss at the same time.

How did your soon to be released song “Monkey” come about?

LALoveTheBoss: Well it’s funny when I first heard the beat to “Monkey” right away I knew it was my Song! I Freestyled the Hook right away and had the song done in 20 mins. I wanted to showcase Feminism in this Record, and let it be known women love “sex just as much as men do”. It will always be a cat and mouse game with men and women. 

Who are some women in the music industry that have inspired you?

LALoveTheBoss: Some women who’ve inspired me in the Music Industry I would definitely say “Missy Elliot & Lauryn Hill. Both are amazing lyricists and super diverse. 

Do you come from a family music background? If so, who else in your family have careers in the music industry?

LALoveTheBoss: It’s funny because no one in my family does music. My family loves music, but I was the one that fell in love with the process of creating music.

How has creating music during the pandemic been like for you?

LALoveTheBoss: I will say during the Pandemic I was the most creative I’ve ever been in my whole music career thus far. My approach to records from cadences and topics soared beyond what I even thought to create. This is great for me because I’m all about pushing the envelope and stepping out of my comfort zone.

What have been some memorable moments in your career so far?

LALoveTheBoss: Some memorable moments in my career I would definitely say is when “Busta Rhymes” approached me when I was 21 at DMX’’s Rough Ryders Reunion Concert and said “I know you” LALovetheboss #GetYouANatural. He said “You are creating something iconic, keep going your gonna be HUGE”.

What are you looking forward to?

LALoveTheBoss: I’m looking forward to becoming a household name. Printed all over billboards all over the World, touring the world shutting down arenas. 

What else can we be on the lookout for from you?

LALoveTheBoss: I have so much in the works, well of course “Monkey” drops May 18th and then the video will be dropping shortly after. Also, the 14 Day Fitness Challenge for both my ladies and men. “Bag Girls” movie Part 2 I’m filming June this Summer, and my new skincare line is in the Works.

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