Music and Success, A Conversation With World-Renowned Music Artist, Charis Jones

In 2019, MusicCrowns.Org reported findings stating it is scientifically proven that music enhances brain functioning. This has us wondering and asking the question, does listening to music bring success? Playing music uses many brain functions simultaneously: motor control, imagination, hearing, sight, memory, etc. Music creates ambiance. You can use music in any environment to enhance and augment what is already there.

Music can uplift, and make us dance, think, cry, and be inspired. We’ve caught up with inspirational music artist Charis Jones also known as Charis Reese to talk about music and success. The native Washingtonian is often described as a musical jukebox, with sounds reminiscent of Tweet, Fantasia, and Chaka Khan. Her musical influences are Jazz, RB, Gospel, and Neo-Soul. Her voice and sense of humor are unforgettable, and her stage presence will leave you with a newfound love for all things her. In 2023, she was appointed as the lead vocalist for the first-ever all DMV musician-based LA GoGo Band, called “DCAF;” and is slated to release her highly anticipated sophomore album “Unstoppable” mid-Summer. There is so much to love and appreciate from this multi-talented singing soul.

Let’s take a look at Charis’ success and musical journey.

How do you define success?

Charis: I would define success as being confident and aware of your gift, having the ability to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone, and overcoming obstacles that you once believed were not obtainable. Additionally, Success is having a song that impacts others, and folks who want to listen to your actual music. If the people who eventually respect and love your craft happen to be people of notoriety then that is simply icing on the cake. But the biggest priority is using my voice as a vessel for change, happiness, and peace.

Your musical journey began as a little girl, singing in the choir, recording with prominent gospel artists, and traveling internationally. What has been your most significant achievement?

Charis: I have been blessed to have several achievements, yet the ones that resonate with me the most at this moment include: being the first African American woman to graduate with Presidential Honors while on a full scholarship from the Los Angeles College of Music (LACM). Furthermore, after completing my vocal performance diploma program, I was asked to headline my graduation on March 25, 2023. I did so with students and faculty from the school as my bandmates, and I performed my unreleased single from my second upcoming album entitled “Unstoppable.” Here’s a clip for your review: start at 1:47:50 seconds.

Another significant achievement is rising above the catastrophic events of Hurricane Katrina that I experienced while I was a sophomore at Xavier University of Louisiana in 2015, and continuing my education at Drexel University, graduating and continuing on to acquire my Master’s in Public Health.

Another significant achievement is releasing my first album “Introducing Miss Jones” independently, while subsequently creating new singles that showcased my vocal growth. And during music school, I polished and expanded my ability to songwrite, produce and arrange new music more swiftly.

Your success includes selling out music venues across the East Coast and Southern Corridors, Songs in rotation on Sirius XM Heart and Soul, Sirius XM Crank Radio on H.U.R. Voices, and WPGC 95.5FM, to name a few. What goals are you still working towards achieving?

Charis: The biggest goal I am working towards is the completion of my second album entitled “Unstoppable” and wanting to have great unique and polished music videos to accompany the new singles. Additionally, I am looking forward to curating concerts of other R&B legends like Cheryl Cooley of Klymaxx, working with Thelma Houston, and my vocal idol TWEET. I am proud of myself for having awareness both as an independent artist but also on the music business side as well. In today’s industry, you must be well -versed in many areas, and I am grateful that I ever growing and networking. I would adore more live shows on festival stages and performance venues. I would love to perform at Essence Festival with my band. That would be a dream. I would love to go on tour domestic and international. I would love to have my music sync with more films. I would love to act, and be a tv host as well. I would love to be a public speaker to encourage others to be unstoppable. Lastly, a major personal goal is accepting compliments, celebrating the wins, and reducing the noise of me being hypercritical or hard on myself while blocking out the noise from others who may not have my best interest in hand while developing a thicker skin.

What upcoming shows or events do you have?

Charis: Our next DCAF GoGo Band show will occur in LA on May 6th. I have been informed of other opportunities to perform independently as well, in particular, there are talks about performing for a breast cancer awareness musical festival.

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