Mona Scott-Young Discusses New Hip Hop Homicides Series, Saving Lives In Hip Hop Culture & More!

Hip Hop Homicides, WE tv’s highly anticipated new series from Executive Producers Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson & Mona Scott-Young will premiere Thursday, November 3 at 9 PM ET/PT. New episodes will become available on popular AMC streaming service ALLBLK, every Monday, following their premiere on WE tv.

Setting itself apart from your average true-crime procedural, Hip Hop Homicides aims to provide an added layer to consider by taking a ‘big picture’ look at the epidemic of violence in hip-hop.

Giving a voice for the voiceless, TV personality and producer, Van Lathan, examines the staggering number of murders in the Hip Hop community. From Pop Smoke to XXXTentacion, the series takes a closer look at these shocking crimes, with the hope of providing loved ones and fans with the closure they seek. Dissecting the facts, exploring leads, and featuring exclusive one-on-one interviews with those closest to the fallen…the series taps into artists such as French Montana, Juvenile, Mannie Fresh, Vic Mensa, and many more, who share valuable insights throughout the season. The streets were talking, but no one was listening…until now.

Featuring an exclusive interview from his mentor, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, the premiere episode is Pop Smoke…gunned down in the Hollywood Hills in what was first labeled a “robbery gone wrong”… but the scene lacked the usual signs of forced entry and ransacking associated with those crimes. Was it a targeted hit? The series’ debut episode will dive deep into the rising hip-hop stars’ life, career, and murder. 

Sad news has hit the hip-hop community with the tragic death of Hip Hop Superstar Takeoff in Houston, Texas. Takeoff was 1 of 3 members of the popular, legendary, and celebrated Rap Group “The Migos”. This latest news shocked the world just days ahead of the November 3rd, 2022 premiere.

The timely series aims to shed light on this unfortunate issue, providing closure in some cases, and perhaps incensing some outrage and urgency among those who can make a difference. The series also takes a raw look at race, class, crime, and policing in hip-hop culture.

Hustle and Soul Magazine obtained an exclusive interview with Executive Producer Mona Scott-Young on the day of Takeoff’s passing.

Ahead of the new WE tv investigative series Hip Hop Homicides premiere, the world got word of the untimely passing of Hip Hop Legend, Takeoff. What would you like to say at this time to his family and fans?

Mona: We want to send out our condolences to the family, friends, and fans. It’s devasting, and it’s mindblowing. This is a human life that was lost. It’s tough to be doing press about this show in the midst of what everyone who cared about him is experiencing today.

Can you tell us the backstory of how you and 50 Cent collaborated and what was your goal for this project?

Mona: 50 and I go way back to Violator where my late partner Chris Lighty and I managed 50’s career early on. As we both navigated into television, we always looked for the right project to do together. I remember the conversation when 50 said he wanted to do something to talk about dead rappers and the number of rappers who are dying that no one is talking about anymore. We’ve always talked about big names such as Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G., but there are so many others. He also felt that so many of these murders have gone unsolved, and a lot of these names have been forgotten.

We put together this show and what it evolved to eventually was not just a boots-on-the-ground attempt at debunking rumors, turning over new leaves, and seeing what the streets were saying about how some of these tragedies have occurred, but also paying homage to the lives that they lived, talking to their loved ones, and hearing about them in ways we’ve never heard about. We are putting their real names to the faces that people may have only known from their stage names or the headlines. The show is part investigation and part tribute. We really want to keep their names and legacies alive.

Mona, you’re such a legend in entertainment and within our culture. What more would you like to see in hip-hop?

Mona: It’s a utopian view because hip-hop started as a unifying mechanism. It was about community and standing together. Now the divisiveness, animosity, and competition that exists have eroded at the very core the reason that the movement was created to begin with. To find that purity again is what I would like to see. To go back to that and use it as a tool for conversation, communication, and community. For me, this would be an amazing aspect to see us get back to that core of hip-hop.

Ahead of the premiere, are there any misconceptions about the show that you would like to clear up, and what should audiences brace themselves for?

Mona: I would say a lot of people think we are only going to be talking about what I would call “The Headline Killings”, but we try to go into different stories and talk about folks whose names haven’t been said out loud in some time. Just to really give an overall broad sense of the scope and scale of these tragedies across our community. We go all the way back to Magnolia Shorty and as recently as to Pop Smoke. 

We are approaching this from a holistic point of view. Not just the deaths themselves, but the actual circumstances, the environments and the state of those communities, and all of the things that have factored in. We are hoping that people walk away not only learning more about these rappers that have lost their lives, but also some of the things to look out for as they navigate their own careers and communities, and hopefully save some lives in the process. 

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