Mona Colter Perseveres In The Middle of A Pandemic With Her Debut Book Release of The Church Bully

Don’t tell me that you can’t build in the middle of a pandemic! (Inserts claps). People out here launching books, okay! Fear where? Well, they probably had fear, but they didn’t allow it to paralyze them. And to be in a society that felt as if productivity in a time of chaotic distress was the stupidest thing ever but still perseveres is highly remarkable and admirable. And I am taking note because your girl has so much in her that has not seen the day of light. This is the go-getter trait that Realtor and now best-selling Author Mona Colter possesses. The highly anticipated book debut of The Church Bully left attendees in rave as they gathered at the launch party and book signing on Saturday, November 13. 

The Jill of all Trades (which is not a negative thing for those who aren’t aware of the full quote); musician, business administrator, director, realtor, and now author, penned a collection of events as she witnessed the unfair treatments of bullies within the church that failed to realize the pressure they placed on individuals due to their jagged edges. Of course, this book is not to put down the institution of the church and the light Christians carry, but to highlight experiences (because we’re all human). She dedicated her book to those individuals who may have ever felt they were treated unfairly and unkindly within the church but lacked a voice to be heard. This book is for you!

In a time, not so long ago, 2020 to be exact, the world paused. Not only did the world come to a halt but it shifted our entire perspective. Many of us had a choice to make. Do we give up, do we rest, or do we continue? No one was exempt from these questions, especially Mona Colter. As we can tell, she chose to continue forth to share a story that millions need to hear and give an opportunity to heal. She didn’t only publish the book but she went as far as celebrating the delivery of her baby (figuratively speaking, although she is a mom) and she experienced the fruits of her labor as she sold out on that day. Are you clapping, or what? 

Giving hope to many every time they purchased a book with a personable message signed by her, she also reminded others of the importance to go forth even when the world is pressuring you to stop. You too have the opportunity to experience a message just for you when you purchase The Church Bully here on Amazon. You can connect with Author Mona Colter on Facebook.

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